The Caltex StarCard is a fuel card which you can use to save $ on petrol and earn bonus Qantas points at the same time. Right now and until February 28, Caltex is offering 50,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer bonus points when you sign up for the Caltex StarCard via this link and spend $150 or more per month to earn 10,000 bonus points each month for the first 5 months.

The Caltex StarCard is designed for small to medium businesses and requires you to have an ABN. However, there’s no requirement to be actively trading to get the card. Since a lot of people have an ABN (it’s free to get one, you just need to have the intentions of starting a business), this is an easy win for some cheap Qantas points.

The StarCard credits points to Qantas Business Rewards which transfer to any Qantas Frequent Flyer membership at a rate of 1:1. If you don’t have Qantas Business Rewards already, joining is free when you sign up for the StarCard.

Caltex StarCard benefits

The StarCard can be linked to your credit card, so essentially you can double dip when it comes to earning points. In addition to that, using a StarCard saves you 4c per litre, and since Caltex are now also offering Woolworths rewards, the benefits can result in a ’triple-stack’. Here’s how:

  1. Pay fuel with StarCard = save 2c to 4c per litre + earn bonus points on fuel
  2. Earn Woolworths Rewards when buying fuel at Caltex
  3. Pay the StarCard balance with your reward credit card for more points

StarCard Qantas Earn Rates

You will earn one Qantas Point for every:

  • 1 litre of Vortex Premium fuel purchased
  • 2 litres of regular petrol or diesel purchased
  • $1 spent on most items in-store

Plus, you’ll save $89.50 in Qantas Business Rewards Program joining fees.

StarCard Fuel Savings

  • Save 4c per litre on Vortex Premium fuels
  • Save 2c per litre on regular petrol and diesel
  • Get 10% off packaged engine oils and 5% off most items in-store

Business Advantage

If you’re running a small/medium or large business, the StarCard can save you time with monthly billing, and ATO approved invoices. It can also be integrated with Xero. You can also issue extra cards for your employees, this way all the billing is centralised and points are earned for fuel expenses which would have been made regardless.

Caltex Star Card Cost

There are no minimum periods attached to the StarCard, so if you’re just after the 10,000 bonus, that’s not an issue.

Otherwise, the StarCar will cost you $2.95 per month which should be less than the savings the card provides if you have an average fuel consumption.

How to get the 50,000 Bonus Points

Right now, you could earn 50,000 bonus Qantas Points when you open a new StarCard account, simply open a new Caltex StarCard account by 28 February 2019, link it to your Qantas Business Rewards account and spend $150 or more per month to earn 10,000 bonus points each month for the first 5 months.

How it works:

  1. Open a new StarCard account by 28 February 2019. (click here to get to the 50,000 points promo page)
  2. Link your StarCard and Qantas Business Rewards accounts by 228 February 2019.
  3. Spend a minimum of $150 on your StarCard account each month for 5 months to get the total bonus of 50,000 Qantas points (10k each month).
  4. Be rewarded with Qantas Points. You’ll receive 10,000 bonus Qantas Points each month for 5 months.

StarCard is accepted in over 1,900 Caltex locations nationwide, so you should have no issue using it wherever you are in Australia.

StarCard in conclusion

For business customers already spending money on fuel each month, the StarCard is a no-brainer as the savings $ and time wise will quickly outweigh the small ongoing cost of $2.95 per month. In addition, you will earn extra Qantas points on purchases you would have made anyway.

You can sign up to the StarCard 50,000 Qantas bonus right here.

Offer History:

  • Current offer: 50,000 bonus points
  • December 2018: 10,000 bonus points