Exclusive: 10% Off Air New Zealand Flights From Australia


Immanuel Debeer | 01/03/2022

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Things are finally starting to look up! Yesterday we learned that New Zealand would drop its isolation requirements for fully vaccinated travellers after they arrive in New Zealand.

At the same time, Air New Zealand is ramping up its flights to and from New Zealand, Australia and further afield. In addition, the latest isolation requirements mean that Kiwis in Australia and NZ can enter the country again without having to factor in extra time off.

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10% Discount – Flight Hacks Exclusive

At Flight Hacks, we love working with Air New Zealand, and today we’ve partnered again to offer our readers an exclusive 10% discount on all flights to the USA and Canada.

The discount will be available in all classes, so whether it’s economy or Business Premier, you will enjoy 10% off with our code “HACKS10”.

To claim this deal, the kind people at Air New Zealand have set up a dedicated page for us, which you can find here.

Booking Terms – Hurry Ends March 15

This exclusive discount is only available for a limited time and will expire on March 15, 2022. In terms of travel dates, you can plan as far ahead as November, with the eligible booking window being April 1 (not a joke!) and November 30.

Flight Change Fees Waived

If you happen to lock in a flight between now and June 30, you will also enjoy Air New Zealand’s flexible booking policy, which allows for free date changes on international flights.

Booking Examples

After pricing up some examples, here’s how much you can save on a flight in economy from Sydney to Los Angeles via Auckland.

And here’s the savings in Business Premier on the same route.

Best Deals?

Some of the best deals can be had on flights from Sydney to Hawaii (Honolulu) in July. Prices in business start at AU$4687, but with our promo code, you can bring that down to AU$4238.

How About NZ Departures?

Unfortunately, our promo is only valid for Air New Zealand flights departing from Australia, so Kiwi Flight Hacks readers do miss out; however if you want to save money, it’s actually cheaper to first book a flight to Australia and then depart from Aus on Air New Zealand. For example, I’ve noticed that the same flights from Auckland are usually more. Depending on the travel class, the saving can be significantly better if you first position to Sydney.

To claim your Air New Zealand discount, click this link to access the dedicated page and automatically apply the discount.


Full disclosure: since we are an Air New Zealand partner, we may receive a small commission when you book your flights using our discount code.


Immanuel Debeer

Chief points nerd and travel hacker at Flight Hacks

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    • Hi Grant, I just checked some flights from Brisbane to Toronto in September and the code definitely works. Here’s a side by side of with and without:
      If you let me know the details of your travel I will have a look for you. Cheers, Immanuel.

      • BNE – YWG
        16th SEP – 2nd OCT
        I tried multiple browsers with and the without the code ( still didn’t work). Is it a codeshare issue with the internal flight Yvr – Ywg? NZ quotes the fare at $2209

        • Hey Grant, Air NZ doesn’t offer direct flights to YWG so those flights would be booked on its partner Air Canada I believe. The conde only works on Air NZ operated flights so this would be why it’s not working. What you could do is book Vancouver which is operated by Air NZ and then look for a cheap domestic flight within Canada to get to Winnipeg.

          • Hi Immanuel this is incorrect, i have played around with a different combination of cities within Canada which use Air Canada and Westjet and the code works e.g. Edmonton, Calgary etc. Can you please follow up with Air NZ and get the code working correctly as I have identified it is a mistake. For your own investigation, please check other cities against winnipeg and you will clearly see this is an error. Please frop me an email as I want to chat to you about this. I have also sent a PM vis Ozbargin but have had no response there

          • Hi Grant, I’ve contacted Air NZ to see to ask if they can check what the issue is or further clarify if Winnipeg isn’t an option under the discount. Will keep you posted!

          • Hi Grant, I’ve just received a reply from Air New Zealand: “We’ve had a look into this particular routing and the promo code discount isn’t applying as per the terms and conditions that it will only apply to Air New Zealand marketed services in the USA and Canada. In this case the Air Canada or WestJet flight to / from Winnipeg is an Air Canada or WestJet flight number, which you can see when you select the ‘View Details’ button at the top of the page on the ‘Select your Flights’ page.”

            The other examples you might have looked had would have had an Air NZ flight number which is why they got the discount applied. Hope that helps!

  1. Hi Immanuel,

    The code does not work for Winnipeg: BNE-YWG 16thSep – 2nd Oct. (this is the flight i need)

    I tried the code for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and it works fine, but not for Winnpeg

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