HSBC Everyday Global Account
  • 100% FREE, no minimum monthly deposits or transactions
  • No overseas transaction fees
  • No credit score hit!
  • No local or overseas ATM fees*
  • Lock in exchange rates for up to 10 currencies
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible
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HSBC just launched a new everyday account that also functions as a travel debit card which allows you to get the best foreign currency exchange rates with zero fees!

Save $$$ When Traveling Overseas!

You’re probably wondering why you should pay attention to this new card. Maybe you already have a travel card such as Qantas Cash, Virgin Global Wallet or maybe you just use your regular credit card.

The problem with most travel-oriented debit cards is that they are a scam. Sure, they advertise no fees and the ability to lock in rates, but in most cases, you will get stung with an exchange rate which isn’t remotely close to the spot rate (I’m looking at you Qantas Cash – with the Qantas Cash card you stand to lose around 5% in fees alone!).

Most points-earning credit cards will charge you a 3% fee on transactions which can easily kill any benefits the points could provide you.

That’s why it’s important to find a debit card which charges you no fees and provides you with a favourable exchange rate. HSBC Everyday Global Account is just that!

HSBC Everyday Global Account + Free Debit Card 1

No points, just savings!

HSBC Everyday Global account is a foreign currency bank account linked to a debit card which allows you to load up to 10 different currencies instantly.

Overseas, it’s a powerful account that lets you pay like a local. Buy, save, and spend from the one account. Make fee-free ATM cash withdrawals in the local currency (keep in mind some ATM’s will charge you a separate fee, to avoid this use official bank ATMs). Shop in-store or online with no overseas transaction fees and enjoy convenient worldwide access everywhere Visa is accepted.

HSBC Everyday Global Debit Card Features

    • Global debit card functionality for easy and secure access to cash via global ATM networks, as well as online and in-store purchases when travelling and at home for general everyday transactions.
    • All the features offered by a multi-currency prepaid travel card with no fees for transactions or inactivity, ATM withdrawals or transfers between accounts and no account expiry.
    • 10 currencies in one account – AUD, USD, EUR, SGD, NZD, JPY, GBP, CAN, HKD and CNY (CNY, currency restrictions apply).
    • Instant online transfer – between HSBC currency accounts for immediate access wherever you are globally. This means you can check your currency account balances and transfer between accounts to immediately withdraw the funds at the local ATM. (Note that online transfer is only available between 8am Monday and 11.59pm Friday AEST (excluding public, currency and US holidays). Mobile access to check balances etc is available 24×7)
    • Deposited funds are automatically deposited into the correct currency account (or default AUD if currency not held)
    • Cash withdrawals and transactions automatically withdrawn from correct currency account (default is AUD if currency not held or insufficient funds in that account). This includes ATMs, in-store purchases using EFTPOS and online or over the phone transfers and BPAY transactions.
    • Transactions under $100 – Paywave and Apple Pay (Tap and Pay with mobile – Apple Pay, Google Pay) where accepted by the merchant.
    • No ATM Fees – charged in Australia or overseas by HSBC or Visa. Some ATM operators may charge a separate fee.
    • No Account Fees.
    • No Transaction fees (no conversion fee).
    • No Transfer fees – for transfers between accounts within Australia and between HSBC accounts overseas (but may incur telegraphic transfer fee for international online payments to other institutions or payees).
    • Access to dynamic real-time exchange rates between 8am Monday through to 11.59pm Friday (AEST, excluding public, US and currency holidays).
  • Secure online transfer and exchange – consistent with security offered using a credit card such as PIN, microchip technology, fraud protection and Visa zero liability (if applicable).

HSBC Everyday Global Account Extra Features

As an account holder you also gain access to the Home & Away prpgram by HSBC which gives you additional discounts across a range of partners. You can check out the details here.

Is this card right for me?

This card will be a great companion for most users; that is unless you plan to travel to a country which doesn’t support the following currencies: AUD, USD, EUR, SGD, NZD, JPY, GBP, CAN, HKD and CNY. It’s also interesting to note that this card is still great for other currencies as you can use your card to automatically convert from your AUD into the local currency at the current Visa exchange rate. No fees are added by HSBC for this conversion.

Best of all, since it’s a debit card, there are no income requirements or credit worthiness checks. As long as you’re residing in Australia, you are eligible for this card.

HSBC Everyday Global Account Conclusion

Will I be getting an HSBC Global Everyday card? 100% yes! Even though I will use my Bankwest World Mastercard in most cases since it earns points, I will make great use of this card for simple ATM withdrawals. If you’re one of those people that visit Travelex counters in the airport… you need to stop what you’re doing because most likely you’re getting a bad deal. With the HSBC card, you can simply visit the nearest ATM when you arrive at your destination and cash out in the local currency at the best rate possible with no fees.

HSBC Everyday Global Account + Free Debit Card 2

You can get your HSBC Everyday Global Visa Debit Card by visiting HSBC.

HSBC Everyday Global Account Review
Excellent foreign currency exchange ratesUnlike so many travel debtit cards, this one really has no fees!It's 100% free!
No points earning abilities
4.5Overall Score

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Sounds like a great travel card.
Just a couple of questions
So do you deposit into the currency you want eg US$s because you can get a better exchange rate or do you just deposit into Aust$s and let the bank work it out when withdrawing US$s ? I’m a little confused as to how that works.

Also can you use the card say in Russia and the bank will do the conversion for you?


Hi there,

I have an everyday global account. AUD is the primary currency, while I have got NZD as secondary one. I would like to know if I can credit the account in NZD? Let’s say I have a NZ bank account and NZDs in there. If I have to transfer my NZD directly to the everyday global account, so that it gets credited and shows as NZD balance, is this possible?