Politicians Don’t See Need For Travel By Christmas


Immanuel Debeer | 27/09/2021

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I generally don’t talk about politics, but I had to make an exception when travel is involved. So this post/rant isn’t so much about political parties but about the people that seemingly enjoy too much power and struggle to let go, failing to realise time has come to move on.

I’m sure most of you saw the news clip of the Queensland Premier where she just proved how out of touch she is with the rest of the world (and she’s not alone).


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When a reporter asked: “The federal gov is saying now that the international border could open by Christmas, would you support something like that?”.

Her response was: “Well, where are you going to go? Are you going to India? “

I mean… really? Does she really need to ask why people want to go to India? Fun fact, there are some 700,000 Indian-Australian nationals. I think it’s safe to assume they have family in India… and maybe, just maybe, they might want to see them again after being locked up for 2 years? How wild!

She then went on to say: “In Tokyo, you have to sit in perspex screens with your masks on, and when you remove your mask, you can’t talk while you’re eating. “

The premier clearly forgot she traveled there not so recently for absolutely no valid reason other than to “secure a bid” for the Olympics, which was already a given. Besides, Japan is still closed for tourism, so she’s right, we won’t be going there for a while.

On the next topic, I have some personal experience:

“Yes, in Europe, some people are traveling. I think the fed needs to identify very clearly what countries Australians can travel to.”

This one made me laugh the hardest. “Some people are traveling” ha!
Having just returned from Europe, I think it’s safe to say: EVERYONE is traveling. And soon, they will travel even more as the US/Euro border is about to be relaxed. I just visited Denmark, where they have recently removed ALL restrictions: no passports, no QR codes, no social distancing, no masks, nothing! (and no, they aren’t dying in the streets).

Next up were the airports:
“And going through those airports, some of those airports are like ghost towns where you have to wear a P95 mask. “

I guess she’s referring to Australian airports? Because in Europe and the ME, I’ve never seen airports as busy. My friends in the US report the same; travel is back. And yes, people are wearing masks—big deal.

Her last comment was regarding the freedoms Queenslanders have experience:

“I mean, Queenslanders would probably enjoy greater freedoms traveling around Queensland than if they hopped on a plane and went to Tokyo. “

While that’s true, I think we’re at the stage where most travellers would do so for one main reason: family. In my humble opinion, assuming everyone is just happy sitting at home within a protective bubble is delusional.

30% of Australians are born overseas; that’s 7.6 million Australians. And that’s not even taking into account those who might be born here but have family overseas. We’re at a stage where it’s time to move on because everyone else has done so with success.


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