Bad news alert!

Singapore Airlines send out an email today alerting its users that transfer rates to Velocity Frequent Flyer would be increasing by around 14.8% after January 1, 2019. Having a quick look inside the Velocity Frequent Flyer media room confirmed the same.

In November 2014, Velocity Frequent Flyer launched a conversion initiative with KrisFlyer as part of their partnership with Singapore Airlines. This initiative has enabled members of both Velocity Frequent Flyer and KrisFlyer to transfer and convert Miles and Points between programs.

The existing transfer rates are 1.35 Kris Flyer Miles for 1 Velocity Point, which will go up to 1.55 for 1.

Velocity Frequent Flyer will follow along at the same rate. Currently, you can get 1 Kris Flyer mile when transferring 1.35 Velocity; this rate will be increasing to 1.55 Velocity points for 1 Kris Flyer mile.

The instant transfer benefit has always been a lucrative option for Velocity Frequent Flyer members since it opens up a whole range of redemption options; Kris Flyer being a much more valuable Star Alliance program.

If you have plans to redeem a Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance flight, now is the time to transfer your points across.

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