YotelAir is a brand new airport hotel from the Yotel hotel brand who have a range of city and airport hotels around the world.

The hotel offers flexible check-in and check-out times so travellers can catch some sleep on a long layover.

Rain Vortex at the Jewel
Rain Vortex at the Jewel

The YotelAir at Changi Airport’s new Jewel opened up in April so on a recent stopover I decided to check it out.


YotelAir is located inside the brand new Jewel which is connected to Terminal 1, 2 and 3 by walkways. To get there, you will need to clear immigration since the Jewel is open to the public as well. Considering Singapore is one of the most efficient airports in the world, this usually takes no more than 10 minutes, so it’s not a deal breaker.

The hotel is located on Level 3 inside the Jewel so you can either take one of the many escalators or the lifts to get to the top. Right above is Level 4, which has a range of dining options, including the most excellent Lobster & Burger, where you can get a lobster roll on your stopover.


YotelAir is a hotel designed with function in mind, so don’t expect spacious rooms or epic views. The cabin style hotel is there to offer you a comfortable bed to sleep and a good shower.

Yotel’s airport locations are branded “Yotelair” and can be found at the following locations (some within the airport terminal “Airside” and some outside the terminal “Landside” :

  • Amsterdam Schiphol (Airside)
  • London Gatwick (Landside)
  • London Heathrow (Landside)
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle (Airside)
  • Istanbul (Airside)
  • Istanbul (Landside)
  • Singapore Changi (Landside)

How to book YotelAir Singapore

At the time of writing YotelAir Singapore is only bookable direct, on my particular date it clocked in at S$164.78 for a full night stay. I would assume that in the future we will see this hotel listed on Hotels.com so you can earn reward nights (stay 10, get 1 free). Four-hour stays can be booked as well, starting from S$80.

Check-in – Mission Control

Check-in was efficient, and this was one of the only hotels where I wasn’t asked for a credit card. There are 2 check-in desks as well as a central console where you can check-in by yourself.

Two minutes later, I had my room key and was on my way to my cabin.

The Rooms – “cabins”

If you’re looking for a spacious room to kick back; this isn’t it. The rooms are highly efficient, and the majority of the space is taken up by the queen size bed which can be angled in a reading position (like a hospital bed) thanks to a button on the side which raises or lowers the upper half.

The mattress and pillows were of acceptable quality and would suit most. I was expecting a more uncomfortable pillow set-up but was pleasantly surprised. The same can’t be said from some of the luxury hotels I’ve stayed at!

Part two of the room is the bathroom and shower which are separated from the bedroom by a glass wall (blinds are available in case privacy is your thing). The shower itself had both a railhead and separate shower head, A+.

YotelAir Singapore only has 2 rooms types, “Premium Queen” and a “Family” room. The family room sleeps 4 people and has 1 Queen sized bed + 1 bunk bed.

Those with a lot of luggage are going to struggle since there’s probably enough room for 2 to 3 large bags before you won’t be able to move around.

The Lounge

The hotel has a small lounge area where guests can grab a tea or coffee before heading out; this is complimentary to all guests. A breakfast option is also available, but this is charged as an extra.


The hotel also has a fully equipped gym on the upper level, which you can also use if you’re not staying at the hotel. The cost for the gym + a shower suite is S$30.

YotelAir In Conclusion

For a short stay, this is an excellent option if sleep and a shower are all you’re after. The Jewel is also a fantastic new addition to Changi Airport and has plenty to offer, including the beautiful rain vortex in the centre.

If you’re short on time; however, the most excellent Aerotel which is located airside is probably a better option. For a full service option which has both views and more spacious rooms there’s of course Crowne Plaza which I will be reviewing next month.

YotelAir Changi $164