[American Express Limited Time Offer: 100,000 Qantas Points. available by applying here.]

Note: The July 100k bonus offer has now been extended AND from November 1st you will receive a $450 travel credit offering even more flexibility instead of the free flight which is now part of the sign up bonus. The current 100,000 Qantas Bonus offer is available until October 31st. It’s unlikely the offer will be extended again so pick up an easy 100k + free flight and get a $450 travel credit when your annual fee is due. (Extra perk for hanging on to what I think is Australia’s best Qantas frequent flyer card.)

It’s no surprise that the Qantas Frequent Flyer program is one of the most popular ones in Australia, with excellent One World partners and a unique relationship with Emirates. Qantas points can get you places!

As the eternal search for more Qantas points continues, you would have noticed that the big banks are tightening the screws when it comes to earning points. Since the new cap on interchange rates came into effect a lot of the big players such as ANZ, NAB, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank have either dropped Amex or cut earn rates on everyday spend.

Lucky for the savvy points collector, cards issued by American Express are not affected. So, is it time to say goodbye to that Commbank Diamond card burning a hole in your wallet? We think so!

To ease the mourning period you may experience after finding out your credit card is now only earning 0.5 points per dollar, Amex has come to the rescue with some fantastic bonus offers and of course full earning potential of no caps and 1.5 points per dollar (sometimes even up to 2.5 points per dollar!). Let’s have a look at what we think is the best Qantas credit card to earn Qantas frequent flyer points with in 2017.

American Express Ultimate Qantas Point Credit Card

Amex Ultimate is as the name suggest, the ultimate Qantas points credit card. Amex have just bumped their bonus points offer from 55,000 to a whopping 100,000 Qantas frequent flyer points which is available by visiting this promotion page. The Ultimate will see you skyrocketing that points balance with a earn rate of 1.5 points per dollar spend on most categories.

Amex is even offering 1 extra bonus point for all your travel spend with Qantas, this means you could be earning up to 2.5 QF points per dollar!

Ok, sorry about the gif. Won’t do it again! Let’s continue…

This Qantas credit card also comes with 2 complimentary lounge passes each year you hold the card and a complimentary return flight with Qantas in Australia.

Of course the features come at a cost, the annual fee is $450 which is brought down to well below zero if you factor in the value of the 100,000 Qantas points, free return flight and lounge passes. In fact, 100,000 Qantas points is more than enough to fly business or first class somewhere nice! (Apply here – Mobile Friendly Link)

If I offered you a business class ticket Sydney to Dubai for only $450, would you take it? Of course!

To get the bonus points you will need to spend a minimum of $1500 in the first 3 months after activating the card, which is very achievable. Personally I set up all my regular bills with Amex so at least I’m earning some points! Rule #1 of the points game: Never pay cash.

Here are the specifics Of the Amex Ultimate Qantas Card:

  • Receive 100,000 bonus Qantas Points when you apply with this 100k promotion link, are approved and spend $1,500 on your new Card within the first 3 months. This offer is available to new Card Members, as well as Bank-issued American Express companion cardholders
  • Earn 1.5 Qantas Points for every $1 spent on Card purchases, except spend at government bodies in Australia where you will earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent
  • Complimentary Qantas domestic return Economy flight every year after your first Card spend on selected Qantas products and services. (Pro tip: don’t plan to purchase a Qantas flight or lounge membership anytime soon? No problemo! You can simply make use of the Qantas “carbon offset scheme” for about $1 which should also qualify as “Qantas spend” to trigger the free flight. To offset some carbon head on over to: https://www.qantasfutureplanet.com.au/ and enter a short trip to get the best value 😉
  • From November 1st: Receive a $450 travel credit which you can use for flights, car rental or hotel bookings of your choice. This completely offsets the cost of the card!
  • 2 Complimentary Qantas Club lounge access passes each year (This is a new feature ands starts from October 31th, even for exisiting card holders!)
  • Qantas Epiqure Premium membership valued at $99 per year. (This is a new feature ands starts from October 31th, even for exisiting card holders!)
    The benefits of this are: Free delivery on all orders, 3 Qantas Points per dollar spent on every purchase and access exclusive food and wine experiences. For those who drink wine an like to accelerate their QF point earn, make sure to keep an eye on the bonus offers here: https://www.qantasepiqure.com.au/c/bonuspoints
  • Enjoy complimentary access up to two entries per year to the American Express Lounge at Sydney International Airport
  • 0% p.a. on balance transfers for the first 12 months — A one-off credit plan establishment fee of 1% applies.
  • Complimentary domestic and international travel insurance

With the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card, you’ll enjoy no cap on the amount of Qantas Points you can earn, no spend cap on your earn rate and points are transferred automatically  to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account each month.

  • Earn 1.5 Qantas Points for every $1 spent on Card purchases, except spend at government bodies in Australia where you will earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent
  • Earn 1 additional Qantas Point per $1 spent on selected Qantas products and services in Australia
  • No cap on earn rate. You’ll receive up to 2.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent, no matter how much you spend each month.

Of course it goes without saying that everyone cutting up their traditional bank issued credit cards will be eligible for the massive 100,000 bonus points offered by Amex by using our 100k promotional link. Even if you hold or have held a Commbank, ANZ or NAB issued American Express card, you are still in the running!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today through this link to ensure you’re getting the 100k Qantas points bonus.

What can you do with 100,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points?

Collecting points is fun, I check my Award Wallet (use coupon code: free-xotwyd for a free upgrade sorry, due to popular demand my free upgrade coupon has maxed out. If I get a new one, you will see it here first 😉 ) app daily to see where my balances have grown (or shrunk). But there’s nothing better than finally redeeming those points for an awesome experience! Let’s have a look and see what you can do with 100,000 Qantas points.

Fly Perth to Dubai in First Class with Emirates – 108,000 Qantas Points

Flying Emirates first class is an experience that will blow you away. Whether you like the “bling factor 10” on board Emirates or not, it’s one of those things you have to try at least once! To book your flights, just head over to https://www.qantas.com and make sure you check the “Search Classic Flight Rewards” box before you run your search. Once you’re booked in, you have a private suite, Dom Pérignon and a shower in the sky to look forward to!



Melbourne or Sydney to Dubai in Business Class with Emirates for 96,000 Qantas Points

To get excellent value out of your Qantas frequent flyer points try redeeming them for Emirates Business class. You will be able to enjoy a flat bed, fantastic service and of course there’s the on-board bar serving your favourite drinks with canapés. To book your flights, just head over to https://www.qantas.com and make sure you check the “Search Classic Flight Rewards” box before you run your search.


Brisbane to Tokyo in Business Class with Qantas Return for 120,000 Qantas points

Qantas has now finished refurbishing their fleet of A330’s with the fantastic Vantage XL seats which offer a perfect amount of privacy and comfort for a trip to Tokyo. The bed goes fully flat for the 9h journey across to Japan. (My fellow Belgian travel blogger Sven has written a full review about this new seat, you can check out his take on the Qantas A330 business class product here.)


Sydney to Hong Kong Return in Business Class with Cathay Pacific for 130,000 Qantas points

You can do the same trip with Qantas in business but in my opinion Cathay has a better product on the A330 or 777-300ER. The seats are very spacious and comfortable whilst the service is personal and very much on point.

On top of that, Cathay has the best business class lounge in the world. The Pier lounge in Hong Kong is an amazing experience and something you need to check out for yourself.

You can book your flights directly through the Qantas reward booking system. Alternatively you can mix it up and take a Qantas flight on the way there and Cathay on the way back for only 125,000 points return.

cathay-pacific-business-class-review (33 of 51)
cathay-pacific-business-class-review (34 of 51)
cathay-pacific-business-class-review (42 of 51)

How to book the free Qantas domestic return flight?

Once you receive the card you can go ahead and redeem your free return flight. The official Amex Flight Reward map can be found here: https://www.americanexpress.com/australia/campaigns/ultimateflightmap/ but you will need to have Flash enabled to see it. If you’re reading this on a mobile phone (especially iPhones) you won’t be able to see it. Don’t fear. We’ve taken a few handy screenshots so you can easily determine where to fly!


Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch on social media!

Happy Flying!