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75/ 100

Our rating

Tom Goward | 15/04/2021

Rex Boeing 737 Business Class Review

16/ 20 Ground Experience
12/ 20 Lounge
16/ 20 Seat & Cabin
16/ 20 Crew & Service
15/ 20 Food & Beverage

As a well known regional airline flying small turboprop aircraft, Rex has recently joined the capital city market with Boeing 737 jets. Rex’s first flights between Sydney and Melbourne took to the skies on March 1st 2021, with Adelaide and Gold Coast services now operational, and Brisbane and Canberra soon to follow.


66/ 100

Our rating

Tom Goward | 01/12/2020

Virgin Australia B737 Business Class During COVID-19

Although Flight Hacks has already reviewed Virgin Australia’s Boeing 737 Business Class, flying during COVID-19 is a completely new experience. This article reviews my flight from Brisbane to Hobart onboard Virgin Australia’s Boeing 737-800 Business Class.


83/ 100

Our rating

Ke Huang | 15/10/2020

Qantas 787 Great Southern Land - Scenic Flight Review

Qantas put on a show for its “Great Southern Land” scenic flight. I had the opportunity to take part and see some of these beautiful and diverse landscapes across Australia.


88/ 100

Our rating

Greg Stone | 26/05/2020

Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300ER — The business

Virgin Australia punches well above its weight when it comes to business class execution. From the comfortable seat with direct aisle for every passenger, sleek cabin, cushy mattress pad, delicious Luke Mangan catering, fabulous cabin crew and stunning onboard bar.


61/ 100

Our rating

Immanuel Debeer | 17/04/2020

Fiji Airways A350 Business Class Review

Fiji Airways has a brand new A350 featuring a stunning new business class cabin and service to match.