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Immanuel Debeer | 21/02/2020

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Accumulating hotel points the hard way (by actually staying at hotels) is one method of earning hotel points and status nights. Just like frequent flyer programs, many hotel chains have their own reward program which rewards you with points to redeem on stays (among many things) and status credits which can move you up in the ranks of the hotel’s elite program.

World Of Hyatt is the reward program by Hyatt which also happens to sell points to anyone willing to buy. Strategically purchasing Hyatt points can be a great way to score a discount on a stay, especially in luxury Hyatt brand properties.

Right now World of Hyatt is offering members the opportunity to buy Hyatt points with a 25% discount up until 29 February 2020. On average Hyatt offer a bonus on point sales three times a year with 40% historically being the highest offer.

At a 25%% discount for buying Hyatt points, the cost per point drops to 1.8c (US) which isn’t as good as the 40% bonuses we’ve seen before 1.71c (US). Factoring in exchange rates now would only be a good time to buy Hyatt points IF you have a future redemption in mind.

Stay at Park Hyatt Sydney for only 30,000 points
Stay at Park Hyatt Sydney for only 30,000 points

Why would you buy Hyatt points?

World of Hyatt points are redeemable at all Hyatt hotels worldwide. In Australia there are a total of 7 properties with more to come. If you’re familiar with brands such as Park Hyatt, you’ll know they’re not exactly budget hotels and tend to command a high price tag.

Using points can be a perfect strategy to score a discounted price at one of the many Hyatt hotels. The way to do this is by buying Hyatt points when they’re on sale and by running the numbers on the retail price VS the price of points.

Current Hyatt Bonus Offer

Right now you can get a bonus on purchases of 40% over 5,000 World Of Hyatt points. The total cost of 77,000 points (55,000 + 22,000 bonus points) is US$1320.

DateBonus Points Offer
February 202025% Discount
November/December 201940% Bonus
October 201940% Bonus
July - August 201940% Bonus
May-June 201940% Bonus
April-May 201840% Bonus
February 201830% Bonus
November 201740% Bonus
July 201740% Bonus
May 201730% Bonus
October 201640% Bonus
August 201630% Bonus

How To Book Hyatt Hotels With Points

Redemption opportunities all depend on what the room rates are for your specific dates, so it’s advisable to do your research first before committing to buy.

  1. Start by researching the cost per night for the paid members rate via
    Jump over to this page and type in your destination city to find out which category your hotel is.
  2. Now you have the category number; you can match this up with the price required for your stay. You can refer to the following table:
    Hotel CategoryStandard Room Points Per NightRegency/Grand Club Points Per NightSuite Points Per Night
  3. Now you know the total points required, multiply this number by the cost per Hyatt point to get the real world price.
  4. If the price with points is lower than the outright retail price, proceed with buying Hyatt points here and make the booking online.

Redeeming Hyatt Suites With Points

A feature which is unique to Hyatt is the ability to use your points not just for the standard room type but suites as well. Suite prices can be pretty steep so this deal can offer fantastic value depending on the location and booking date.

Hotel CategoryStandard Room Points Per NightRegency/Grand Club Points Per NightSuite Points Per Night

There are however 2 rules to keep in mind:

  1. You can only redeem suite awards for stays that are a minimum of 3 nights.
  2. You can’t redeem suite awards for the following properties: Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine, Park Hyatt Sydney, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort, Hyatt Residence Club Resorts and Hyatt Place hotels.

Hyatt Points + Cash

Hotel CategoryStandard Room
Points Per Night
Standard Room
Points + Cash Per Night
15,0002,500 + $50 USD
28,0004,000 + $55 USD
312,0006,000 + $75 USD
415,0007,500 + $100 USD
520,00010,000 + $125 USD
625,00012,500 + $150 USD
730,00015,000 + $300 USD

Not enough points? No problem! Hyatt offers you the option to book your stay with a mix of points + cash. It’s worthwhile to figure out if this is better value compared to points and vice versa depending on what the room rates are for your stay.

The advantage of using Points + Cash to book your Hyatt stay is that you will earn elite status credits for doing so. If status at Hyatt is important to you, this is the way to go. Outright points redemptions don’t earn elite nights at all.
A disadvantage of Points + Cash is that it’s inventory controlled and not always available, unlike outright points redemptions which are available as long as the hotel has inventory. To research if a hotel has availability for your stay you can either go hotel by hotel in the search or use the following hack to quickly see which hotels in a certain city have Points + Cash availability.

  • Go to
  • Click on the drop-down under the dates and select “corporate or group code”
  • Enter this number in the field: 51440
  • Click “find hotels”
  • In the results window you will see all the hotels in the city you selected, the ones that have Points + Cash availability will show their pricing according to the category tier: Tier 1 will show $50, Tier 2 will should $55 etc. This essentially saves you having to click each hotel individually.

Hyatt Points Conclusion

Hyatt has some terrific properties around the world. If you’re looking to splurge and numbers stack up, buying Hyatt points is a great way to get luxury at a discount. If you have a specific stay in mind, do the math and buy the points at a discount up until February 29.


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