Superhero Referral Code US$10 Free Tesla Share

At Flight Hacks, we have a verified Superhero referral code that will give you US$10 worth of Tesla shares when you deposit at least $100 in the first 30 days! By using our Superhero promo code, you'll get a free share which is a pretty good deal. Check out our Superhero referral codes below to get started investing.

Superhero Referral: US$10 Tesla Share

Sign up and get US$10 free Tesla stock when you deposit $100 in the first 30 days.


Superhero Promo Code — $8.4 Free

Get a free unit in the Fintech and Blockchain ETF when you sign up using our Superhero promo code and deposit a minimum of $100


Superhero Referral Code — Free ETF Share

Get a free unit in the Fintech and Blockchain ETF when you sign up using our Superhero referral code and deposit a minimum of $100

96/ 100

Our Rating

Superhero trading offers ASX and US access to investors looking to purchase smaller amounts of shares with ultra-low brokerage fees.

  • 20/ 20
    Superhero referral
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    Superhero Security
  • 18/ 20
    Trading Fees
  • 19/ 20
    ASX Shares Available
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    Referral Codes Available


  • Free ETF with our referral code
  • Super low trading fees
  • Free trading on some shares


  • Not CHESS sponsored

Best Superhero Referral Codes 2024

⏰ Discount Details🤑 Discount Amount🏷 Stake Referral Code
1 Free Free ETFN/Aimmanuel2143
Superhero discount codeup to $8.4immanuel2143
Superhero promo codeFree ETFimmanuel2143

What is Superhero?

Superhero Australia is the cheapest online broker for buying shares in Australia and the U.S. Brokerage starts at $5 but depending on what you buy; some ETF’s have $0 brokerage. When you sign up with a Superhero referral code, you even get a free ETF when you deposit $100 into your Superhero trading account. Superhero can offer Australians the lowest brokerage fees on the market since it doesn’t offer CHESS sponsored shares. Instead, users buy shares under the Superhero HIN, and Superhero runs a ledger of sorts that keeps track of who owns what. This means users can purchase fractional shares and pay extremely low fees.

How to use a Superhero referral code?

Getting started with Superhero investing is very easy. Click this link to sign up with our Superhero referral code and follow these steps:

  • Visit Superhero via this link (referral automatically applied)
  • Make sure you see the “you’re invited” headline.
  • Enter your details to sign up
  • Deposit AU$100 in your account within $100 days (you don’t actually need to trade it, so you could just cash out afterwards as well!)
  • Enjoy a free share in an ETF

how to use superhero trading referral

Which ETF will I get with a Superhero referral?

When you sign up using our Superhero promo code, you will get 1 unit of the ETFs Fintech & Blockchain ETF (FTEC). Currently, these are trading for AU$8.4, so you essentially get a free $8.40 for signing up. Just make sure you sign up with our Superhero referral link and deposit AU$100 into your account within 30 days.

Tip: if you’re worried about depositing $100, don’t be! You’re not required to trade with it so technically, you can cash out after you receive your free share.

Superhero Trading Review

At Flight Hacks, we love and use Superhero, it’s an intuitive new platform that is clearly inspired by popular US-based trading app Robinhood.

Superhero also has an app that users can download to manage their portfolio on the go. Superhero is designed for those who want to invest smaller amounts through fractional shares and also access the U.S. markets.

Thanks to the super-low brokerage fees and stack of Australian and American companies, Superhero is very popular with the younger generation of investors.

Is Superhero Safe?

Some people like to argue that CHESS sponsored shares are the safest way to own shares. When you hold shares through CHESS, you will get your own HIN which is essentially an account number to which the shares are attached.

Superhero holds shares in a custodian structure which means it can avoid costly CHESS fees which would otherwise be paid by the trader. This is how they can afford to offer $5 trades in Australia and some free trades on US-based securities. The only downside of this is that if Superhero was to go under, it could take a while for liquidators to go through the records and identify who owns what. That said, it’s not like Superhero could run off with your funds. They operate using a ledger, so there is always something tied back to you as an individual shareholder.

One of the largest share and day trading brokers in the world, InteractiveBrokers uses the exact same model. They are used by wealthy clients and professional day traders; from that, we conclude that if these sophisticated investors think this model is safe, you’re probably going to be safe investing a few dollars here and there with Superhero.

Superhero ASX offers access to everyday investors thanks to low fees and an intuitive Superhero app.

Superhero Fees

Superhero ASX Fees: $5 per trade for individual shares.
Superhero ETF: $0 fees – minimum $100 investment
Superhero U.S. shares and ETF: $0 brokerage fees. Minimum $10 investment.

Earn Qantas Points With Superhero Trading

When you deposit your money in your U.S. Superhero trading account, you will receive 1 Qantas Point for every US$ transferred. This is a great way to earn some frequent flyer points on all your investments!

Stake Vs Superhero

Stake has been around longer than Superhero and has a very intuitive app that allows you to buy fractional U.S. shares. Stake has recently launched its Australian ASX side of the app, so now you can also buy ASX listed shares on Stake. Personally, we prefer the Stake trading app as it’s better, but Superhero also has a desktop version of the side, which Stake doesn’t have.

Stake also offers a free U.S. share valued up to $200 when you sign up with our Stake referral code!

Superhero Referral Code FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Click the referral code on this page to get a free ETF share! Yes, Superhero is very safe to use and you also get a free ETF share when you sign up. Most shares have a $0 fee or $5 if you're trading ASX listed companies.
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Is there a Superhero Trading referral code?

Yes! Click the referral code on this page to get a free ETF share!

Is it safe to use Superhero?

Yes, Superhero is very safe to use and you also get a free ETF share when you sign up.

What are the fees for Superhero app?

Most shares have a $0 fee or $5 if you're trading ASX listed companies.