Everyone loves a good business class deal! Latam Airlines is a Chilean airline which runs flight from Sydney to Santiago via Auckland. A good deal can usually be had on the Sydney to Auckland leg.

Right now Latam is advertising fares for as low as $704 for a business class return ticket; this is excellent value at $352 one way.

Booking direct is slightly more expensive at $755, but of course, you can book this through an OTA such as Momondo and save a few dollars.

Earning Qantas Status & Points

Of course, Latam being a One World airline means you will earn Qantas status credits and frequent flyer points.

A flight with Latam will see you gain 80 status credits for a return journey and 3750 frequent flyer points if you’re a lowly bronze like me.

The Aircraft & Cabin

Latam usually operates a Boeing 787-900 on this route which is configured in a 2-2-2 cabin. Although it’s not a superior 1-2-1 configuration, having flown this route myself, I thought the seats were very wide, and they also go fully flat. It’s a great way to enjoy the 3h journey across.


From what I can see, most date combinations are available right through 2019; this gives you plenty of opportunity and options to plan your trip.

The reverse trip is also possible for those Kiwis looking to get a trip organised to Sydney but don’t want to suffer in economy. Prices are even slightly cheaper if you fly Auckland to Sydney return with most dates coming in at $720 when booked direct and less expensive via an OTA like Momondo.

Considering economy tickets are going for more than $500 on the same dates, this is a no-brainer.