Tiger Brokers Referral Code - Get US$50 Free Shares

Tiger Brokers is the fastest-growing trading app in Asia and it's now available in Australia too! Thanks to our exclusive Tiger Brokers referral code, you can get AU$50 in welcome rewards! That's the biggest Tiger Brokers promo code we've ever seen, so here's how you take advantage of this offer right now with our Tiger Broker referral.

Tiger Brokers: $50 Fractional Shares

Get 5 fractional shares totaling USD50 upon funding your account from as little as 1¢. Use code HACKSVIP


Tiger Brokers Promo Code $50

Get 5 fractional shares totaling USD50 upon funding your account from as little as 1¢. Use code HACKSVIP


Free $25 ASX Voucher + $25 US Stock

Deposit 1 cent into your new Tiger Brokers account and get $50 worth of stock vouchers with our promo code. Use code HACKSVIP


Tiger Brokers Referral Code $50

Get 5 fractional shares totaling USD50 upon funding your account from as little as 1¢

95/ 100

Our Rating

Tiger Brokers is offering some of the lowest trading fees in Australia for both US and ASX listed stocks. On top of that, they have a very lucrative sign up bonus!

  • 20/ 20
    Sign Up Bonus
  • 18/ 20
    Trust Score
  • 18/ 20
    User Friendly
  • 19/ 20
    Customer Support
  • 20/ 20
    Fee Price


  • Huge sign up bonus
  • Custodial shares held by Commbank
  • Regulated in Australia


  • Not Australian owned

Top Tiger Brokers Referral Codes

⏰ Bonus Details🤑 Welcome Bonus🏷 Tiger Brokers Promo Code
Tiger Brokers Referral Code$50HACKSVIP

On this page, we’ve listed all the best ways to get a Tiger Brokers referral code and get the maximum amount of welcome gifts when you sign up for a free account. Click here to claim your welcome bonus!

You can get Au$50 worth of free stocks combined when you join and deposit a minimum of AU$500. Once you have deposited the $500 minimum, you can, of course, withdraw the money again at no cost after you receive the free shares just keep in mind you need to keep the $500 in your account for 90 days.

No trading is required to get the free stock vouchers worth $50, which is amazing. All you need to do is use Tiger Brokers Referral code HACKSVIP to get started when you sign up.

Once you deposit $500 you will get $25 worth of stock vouchers to buy Australian ETF and $25 worth of stock vouchers to buy US ETFs for a total of $50

Tiger Brokers Free Stock Guide 

Ok, so you want to get some free stock? Here’s precisely how you can score US$50 worth of free fractional shares without spending a single dollar! 

  • Click on this link and enter our exclusive Tiger Brokers promo code “HACKSVIP”. This will get you US$50 of fractional shares when you deposit $500. (note, you don’t need to trade your $500, you can simply withdraw it again later!)
  • On top of that, you will get One brokerage-free trade per month for US and ASX markets and Free live streaming of US market data and free click to refresh AU market data.

What If I Don’t Have $500? 

Alternatively to depositing cash, you can also deposit shares worth $3,000 from another brokerage account to get the free Apple stock, a $10 welcome bonus and a lucky draw to win a Tesla share, Twitter share or Uber share. 

Additionally, you don’t need to keep the $500 in your account. After receiving the free stock voucher, you can do with the money as you please or invest it however you see fit. Just make sure to use our Tiger Broker promo code when you sign up to claim all your rewards. 

When Will I Get The Tiger Broker Free Shares? 

Tiger Brokers will deposit the free stock vouchers into your trading account 10 days after you meet the requirements. So as long as you use our Tiger referral, you will be good to go and get the free tiger brokers stock!

Tiger brokers promotion 2024

Right now you can get US$50 worth of shares when you sign up using our exclusive Tiger Brokers promo code. New users will get US$50 worth of fractional shares. You will be able to choose 5 shares from 10 companies on the US stock exchange. These companies are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Unilever Johnson & Johnson, Exxon Mobil, Visa, and Berkshire Hathaway Inc! 

This means you can get US$10 worth of fractional shares for 5 different companies! Simply by signing up via our link and fund your account with at least $500. The fractional shares will be credited to your account within 2h.

How to use Tiger Brokers

Tiger Brokers have an iPhone and android app which allows you to trade on the go using your mobile phone. They also have an advanced desktop app which you can access via your computer. Both options are very easy to use, and when you use a Tiger Brokers referral, you even get a lot of free stocks to get started.

What Are the Tiger broker commission fees?

Tiger Brokers provides among the most affordable online brokers in Australia. When you sign up, you get 90 days of free tiger broker commission fees on all stock purchased on the ASX or US exchanges. After 90 days, you will pay 0.025% × Trade Value Min. AUD 6.49 Per Order on the ASX stocks and ETF, and for the US exchanges and ETF, you will pay a crazy low USD 0.0099 Per Share (Min. USD 1.99 Per Order).

Who Is Behind Tiger Brokers?

Wu Tianhua is the Creator and Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Brokers. He previously came from NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES), one of the biggest net firms in China, where he was in charge of Youdao internet as well as purchasing search.

Eng Thiam Choon is the Chief Executive Officer for Tiger Brokers Singapore and is in charge of the procedures of Tiger Brokers in Singapore. He was formerly with Phillip Futures for 14 years and HGNH International for 2 years.

Can I Trust Fund Tiger Brokers?

Tiger Brokers was founded in 2014 as well as is provided on the NASDAQ (TIGR) as UP Fintech Holding Ltd. Recently, they simply commemorated 1 year in Singapore and are now licensed to operate in Australia! They have more than 9 million customer accounts globally and also have actually seen massive growth in Singapore, China and Australia. 

Tiger Brokers (AU) Pty Limited, ABN 12 007 268 386, is licensed and regulated by The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Australian Financial Services Licence no. 300767 (AFSL).

Their significant investors include Interactive Brokers, Xiaomi and famous financier Jim Rogers.

Tiger Brokers takes an action even more by holding your shares via trusted custodians, which aid to shield your portfolio. Tiger Brokers makes use of Commbank as their custodian for cash deposits, while Interactive Brokers serves as the custodian for international securities. 

Tiger Brokers Review 

Tiger Brokers offers an intuitive and easy to use trading platform for Australian investors looking to access the market in both Australia and the USA with incredibly low fees compared to the typical Australian brokers.

Thanks to their long-standing reputation and a massive number of users, it’s safe to say that Tiger Brokers is legit and here to stay. On top of that, they have partnered with Commonwealth Bank to provide custodial services, which helps protect clients’ funds.

And thanks to our generous Tiger Brokers referral code you can score a huge welcome bonus just for signing up and depositing your shares or money!

Tiger Brokers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Tiger Brokers are regulated in Australia. No! You don't need to trade to sign up and get the huge bonus. Yes, use code HACKSVIP to get a huge bonus!
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Is Tiger Brokers legit?

Yes! Tiger Brokers are regulated in Australia.

Does it cost money to get the free Tiger stock?

No! You don't need to trade to sign up and get the huge bonus.

Do you have a tiger brokers invitation code?

Yes, use code HACKSVIP to get a huge bonus!