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At Flight Hacks we’re always looking for the most valuable (and valid!) Virgin promo codes. We try to keep this page updated as Virgin Australia coupon codes come and go. At the moment some valid and working coupons are available and they seem to work for most fares.

The Virgin Australia coupon code is valid for most Domestic and Trans-Tasman flights offering a 5% to20% discount on your fare if you book more than 20 days in advance. The second Virgin Australia coupon we found works on most Domestic, Trans-Tasman, International short- and long-haul flights and offers a discount from 5% to 20% depending on which class you book. This coupon also only works when you make an advance booking 20 days before departure or more.
Keep in mind, special sales fares typically don’t get any or much discount at all.

Valid Virgin Australia Promo Codes

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10% Discount Code

10% off most Virgin Australia domestic and some international fares. Expires 15 December 2018.
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Virgin Promo Code 78

Receive 10% off your Virgin Australia Domestic flights and selected international flights across a variety of fare classes. Book 20 days in advance
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Virgin Promo Code 47

Receive 10% off your Virgin Australia Domestic, Trans-Tasman, International short and long-haul flights
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20% Off Virgin Flights

Coupon works when booking 2 weeks + from departure. We're unsure on the expiry date of this Virgin discount code. Works for selected base fares in business, business saver, freedom, elevate and gateway fares.
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15% Int 20% Dom
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Virgin Friends & Family 15-20% June Coupon

Travel Dates 1-30 June 2018. Up to 20% off selected domestic flights. Up to 15% off selected international flights.
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How To Book Flights With A Virgin Coupon?

Booking a flight using a Virgin Australia discount code is super easy, you will see a field under the booking form which reads “Promo Code”. Just enter the code in this field before you press the red button to search flights.

virgin coupon code

Enter the Virgin coupon code in the field next to “Find Flights”

If you’ve already searched for your flights, no panic! You can still enter a Virgin promo code on the top right corner where it reads “Modify Search”. Click on that and you will see the “Enter Promo Code” on the top again.

virgin au coupon

Enter your coupon in the field provided.

virgin australia coupon code

Click on modify search after you’ve already started searching for flights

How Can You Tell If A Virgin Promo Code Has Been Applied?

Virgin Australia doesn’t give you an exact breakdown of the discount after you enter the Virgin promo code but it’s easy to spot. Just look for the little tag above the price that reads “Promo”. This indicates you are receiving a discounted price. If you went ahead and searched the same fare without the Virgin Australia promo code, you would notice that the price is higher.

VA coupon code

See the “Promo” tags? That means your Virgin coupon has been applied.

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