Emirates Confirms Airbus A350-900 Delivery Delay


Tom Goward | 04/07/2024

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Emirates has now confirmed rumours that its first Airbus A350 delivery has been delayed even further. The news comes as aircraft manufacturer Airbus adjusts its year-end aircraft delivery goals, citing global supply chain issues.

Emirates has a total of 65 Airbus A350-900’s on order. Initially slated to join the fleet in 2023, the delivery of these A350s has faced notable setbacks. First rescheduled to take flight from 15th September 2024, that timeline is now further askew.

As a result of the delay, Emirates has made aircraft swaps on its services between Dubai and Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lyon, and Bologna. There are no changes to flight frequencies for these destinations, only a change in the type of aircraft operating the route. Although, some customers expecting the sparkling new cabin might find themselves downgraded from Premium Economy, or sitting in Emirates’ dreaded 2-2-2 Business Class.

Emirates Premium Economy Lands In Australia

Emirates is now set to receive their first A350-900 in late September 2024, with flying to begin on the returned Dubai-Edinburgh service from 4th November 2024.

“The first A350 service is now planned to commence for the restart of Edinburgh from 4th November,” An Emirates spokesperson tells Flight Hacks.

But Emirates was quick to caveat that their revised A350 inaugural was subject to change based on operational requirements. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Edinburgh services are delayed, with most airlines preferring to first put their new purchases to the test on shorter regional routes.

Emirates explains that the additional delay was “due to aircraft delivery delays,” which could be anything from missing engines to waiting on a lid for the toilet.

“Once we begin receiving our A350s, we will expedite their entry into service as quickly as possible and will work hard to minimise the impact of the delays” an Emirates spokesperson added.

Here’s the breakdown of the revised Emirates A350 launch schedule, departing Dubai;

  • Edinburgh from 4 November 2024 – EK23/24 (unchanged)
  • Bahrain from 15 November 15th 2024 – EK839/EK840 (prv. 15 September)
  • Kuwait from 15 November 2024 – EK853/EK854 (prv. 16 September)
  • Ahmedabad from 1 January 2025 – EK538/EK539 (prv. 27 October)
  • Mumbai from 1 January 2025 – flight EK502/EK503 (prv. 27 October)
  • Bologna from 1 January 2025 – EK093/EK094 (prv. 1 December)
  • Colombo from 2 January 2025 – EK654/EK655 (prv. 1 January)
  • Lyon from 1 March 2025 – EK081/EK082 (prv. 1 December)
  • Muscat from 1 March 2025 – EK866/EK867 (prv. 1 December)

*Bracketed dates indicate the original launch date


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