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Immanuel Debeer | 06/12/2023

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Like many frequent flyer programs, Velocity sells its points directly to consumers. As a result, buying Velocity Points often doesn’t make financial sense unless there’s a discount or points bonus high enough to tempt us.

As it turns out, Velocity has just launched a discount promotion where you can get up to 40% discount on buying Velocity Points.

The promotion works in tiers, which means the biggest discount of 40% is only achieved when you buy 130,000 points or more.

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Buy Velocity Points Discount Tiers:

  • 10% Discount when you buy 1,000+ points
  • 20% Discount when you buy 11,000+ points
  • 30% Discount when you buy 60,000+ points
  • 40% Discount when you buy 130,000+ points

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When looking at the discounts, the only tier that offers real value is the 40% discount. Therefore it would only make sense to buy points for a lesser discount if you were only a few short of a redemption.
As a general rule, we always advocate to only buy points when you have a redemption in mind. There’s no value in speculatively buying points, as frequent flyer points don’t increase in value over time. Earn and burn should always be front of mind!

The current promotion ends December 11th 2023.

Is there any value to be had?

Velocity has been running a few sales over the years, but usually, they are not worth writing about. This time, however, we are finally starting to see some real value when it comes to buying Velocity points at a discount.

At the highest discount tier of 40%, you will be purchasing points at 1.4c per point. Keep in mind this is still high! Ideally, we would like to obtain Velocity points at a price point below 1c.

In any case, if you’re short of points and a redemption is on the cards, here are a few examples:

Sydney to Toronto with Air Canada in Business Class

For this flight, you would need 104,000 points + $92 taxes one way.
You could buy enough points to cover a one-way trip for $1460.
This would work out to a total price of AU$3104 including taxes.

Regular sales prices of this flight in cash will set you back a minimum of $10,823 return.

Melbourne to San Francisco with United Airlines in Business Class

For this flight, you would need 95,500 points and $112 in taxes for business class one way when flying United Airlines Polaris. This means the price for a one-way flight would cost you $1340 + $112 in taxes. Therefore, a total return price would come in at $2905, including taxes for a business class ticket.

Considering United Airlines charges around $14,432 for a return trip in business, getting it at $2905 is a bargain!

Perth to Sydney with Virgin Australia in Business Class

Flying Perth to Sydney would require 35,500 Velocity Points and $30 in taxes. When we buy the points required, this trip will come to $498 + $35 in taxes one way. For a return trip, the total cost in business would be $1066, including taxes for a business class seat. Not a bad price considering that the regular retail price sits around $2824 for this trip!

Summing Up – Should You Buy Velocity Points?

As always, only buy points you know you will be able to use! Unfortunately, these days, finding award seats is getting harder and harder due to the crazy demand in the travel space, but of course, it can make sense to buy points if you see an award seat for a flight you want.

How to buy Velocity Points?

Head over to this page and purchase the number of Velocity Points you want.

Buy Velocity Points History

  • December 2023: 40% Discount
  • July 2023: 40% Discount
  • November 2022: 40% Discount
  • April 2022: 30% Discount

Immanuel Debeer

Chief points nerd and travel hacker at Flight Hacks

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  1. What a great opportunity to fly Business class at these rediculously low fares.
    Immanuel, is there a fare offering from Perth to Melbourne. ( I see a fare from Perth to Sydney )

    Your comment would be greatly appreciated.

    Barbara Guest

    • Hi Carol. Velocity Points expire after 24 months of account inactivity. You will only lose your points if you have not earned or redeemed a single Velocity Point in the prior 24 months. Blue Skies, Tom.

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