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Tom Goward | 02/08/2020

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As part of a new marketing strategy, Woolworths has changed the name of their supermarket loyalty program to Everyday Rewards. The move comes as Woolworths attempts to highlight the multiple ways members can earn points outside of their weekly shop. With the change from Woolworths Rewards to Everyday Rewards, the group is differentiating its supermarket brand from the loyalty program; a smart move since ‘Everyday Rewards’ can be earned at many different stores not associated directly with Woolworths as such.

What’s changed With Woolworths Rewards?

For now, the main change is the name switch from Woolworths Rewards to Everyday Rewards. Members will instead earn Everyday Rewards Points, although the standard earn rate of one point per $1 spent still stands. Except for Boosters, with the Everyday Rewards Boosters, members can earn up to 10 points per dollar.

Everyday Rewards Boosters

In another small tweak, offers will be renamed “boosters”, continuing to provide up to 10 points per $1 spent on selected points bonus purchases. Booster offers will be sent to members by email or via the Everyday Rewards App, but will require manual activation before shopping.

Everyday Rewards points booster app

In addition, Tasmanian shoppers are now included in the Everyday Rewards program, which will slowly replace the state-only “Frequent $hopper Club” by 2021. No doubt this change will come as a frustration to many Tasmanians, with the cash value of points halving under the new program.

Where can I earn Everyday Rewards points?

Everyday Rewards members can earn points at Woolworths, BWS, Big W, Caltex Woolworths and participating Caltex fuel outlets.

You can expect to earn a standard rate of one point per $1 spent on most products, although there are a few excluded items including smoking products, gift cards, mobile recharges and lottery purchases.

Earning Qantas Points via Everyday Rewards

Woolworths Everyday Rewards Qantas Partnership
Just as before, Everyday Rewards members can update their reward choice to earn Qantas Points. This means that every time your balance reaches 2000 Everyday Rewards points, 1000 Qantas Points will automatically land in your Qantas Frequent Flyer account.

What if I don’t want to earn Qantas points?

If you’re not a fan of Qantas points, you can save your Everyday Rewards points to redeem $10 off your shop for every 2000 points in your account. Alternatively, you can save your points for Christmas to enjoy between 1 December and 1 January.

Money Off Your Shopping VS Qantas Points

At Flight Hacks, we value Qantas Frequent Flyer Points at around 1c (to acquire). This means if you’re not redeeming your Everyday Rewards points for discounts on your shopping, you’re effectively buying Qantas Points at 1c which is an acceptable price if you plan to redeem them for business or first class flights. To work out what value frequent flyer points have for you, put a price you’re willing to pay (NOT the retail price, unless you’re happy paying that) for business or first on a ticket and divide this value by the points required for that particular redemption; this will instantly tell you how much YOU are willing to pay for points.

Will I Need To Join Everyday Rewards?

Members of Woolworths Rewards are now automatically members of Everyday Rewards. Your account balance remains safe, and your preferences are still the same.

Physical Woolworths Rewards cards will continue to work as normal, although those who request a new card will receive a fresh card under the Everyday Rewards brand.

Summing Up: My Take On Everyday Rewards

If you shop at Woolworths, Everyday Rewards is a no brainer. The earn rate and participating brands remain unchanged, along with the ability to earn Qantas points. Although, the rebrand may confuse some Tasmanian shoppers as Everyday Rewards replaces the state’s Frequent $hopper Club.


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  1. As I understand the change over from frequent shopper to everyday rewards means in Tasmania Caltex fuel outlets are excluded from the program. So do I keep frequent shopper card for as long as I can to get my fuel discount?

    • Hi Nancy,

      That’s correct – Everyday Rewards in Tasmania excludes Caltex and Caltex Woolworths fuel outlets. Hopefully, Woolworths will include these in the future to bring Tassie in line with mainland Australia.

      As far as I know, your fuel discount will remain on your Woolies receipt regardless of rewards program (I haven’t tested this myself). If you are looking at earning Qantas points I’d recommend joining the BP Rewards program. You can find out more here:!!

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