Qantas Launches 28-day Lounge Membership From $99


Tom Goward | 10/07/2024

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Qantas is keeping it casual by introducing a new subscription-based Qantas Club Lounge membership. Aimed at travellers wanting to make their own ham sandwich just a few times per year, Qantas Club Flexible is cheaper in the short term. But hold onto that membership for a full year and you’ll end up paying 70% more than Qantas Club.

Naturally, the Netflix-style subscription takes aim at those customers with an upcoming wave of travel with either Qantas or Jetstar. A spokesperson for Qantas tells Flight Hacks that the new option for lounge access came in response to customer feedback.

“Qantas Club Flexible gives customer the choice to enjoy the benefits of our Qantas lounges in a timeframe that suits them – the perfect option for travellers who don’t fly every month.”

Qantas Club Membership Cards

How Much Does Qantas Club Flexible Cost?

Qantas charges a one-off joining fee of $129 to its flexible payment option, just like the annual membership. But that “one-off fee” is as misleading as selling cancelled flights, with members who end their membership needing to pay this fee again when re-subscribing. That is unless you resubscribe within 90 days of cancellation.

Qantas Club Flexible then auto-renews at $99 per 28 days. This can be cancelled at any time – as long as that any time is at least three days prior to your next renewal.

Qantas Lounge

As we expected, holding Qantas Club Flexible for a full year is significantly more expensive than a standard Qantas Club membership. In year one, Qantas Club Flexible is over 70% more expensive;

  • Qantas Club: $828 – $129 joining fee plus $699 for one year
  • Qantas Club Flexible: $1,416 – $129 joining fee plus 13×28-day $99 periods

But of course, this new option isn’t aimed at regular travellers looking to hold onto their pass for twelve months. Qantas Club Flexible is most helpful for travellers who plan to take multiple flights within a short period.

Qantas Club Flexible Benefits

Unfortunately Qantas Club Flexible doesn’t offer the same benefits of a standard Qantas Club membership. What you do get is;

  • Qantas Club and Qantas International Business Lounge access before eligible QF and JQ flights
  • Access for two children aged 4-17 plus any child aged 3 or under
  • Access to Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards
  • 3 Qantas Points per dollar spent on lounge membership
  • Additional checked baggage allowance on QF flights (special offer until 31 March 2025)
 Qantas Club FlexibleQantas Club
Joining fee$129$129
Price$99 per 28 days$599-$699 yearly
LengthAuto-renews per 28 daysUpfront for 1, 2 or 4 years
Lounge accessQantas loungesQantas + Partner lounges
Domestic On Departure Upgrade RewardsYesYes
Guest accessNo+1 adult
Children policy (age 4-17)+2+2
Children policy (under 3)UnlimitedUnlimited
Annual guest card purchaseNoYes
Membership cardDigital OnlyPhysical + Digital
Additional checked baggageUntil 31 March 2025Yes

What Isn’t Included With Qantas Club Flexible?

There are a few benefits of Qantas Club membership that Qantas Club Flexible members can’t access;

  • Physical membership cards
  • Purchase lounge membership with Qantas Points
  • Guest or partner lounge access
  • Annual Guest Card purchase

It’s also worth mentioning that Qantas Club Flexible has the lowest access priority other than single-use passes. If a lounge is nearing capacity, Qantas Club Flexible members will be first to get turned away.


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