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Immanuel Debeer | 27/03/2022

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If you’ve been longing for a luxurious Euro trip for the last few years and want to do it in style, I’ve got a pretty good deal for you!

How about Qantas First from Sydney to London with a complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum status thrown in for good measure?

Qantas A380 Refreshed First Class

The “Deal”

For a limited time, Qantas is offering first-class fares from Sydney to London onboard their flagship A380 with freshly refurbished cabins for “just” $10,481 return. While this is still a shit load of money, it’s by far the cheapest Qantas First flight I’ve seen in a long time.

To make that 10k splurge more palatable, Qantas is currently running double status credits if you book before April 1 (make sure to register here first). This flight alone will net you a healthy 1680 status credits (more than enough to hit Platinum in one go).

Considering each leg will earn you 840 credits, after your first flight, you will be Qantas Gold, which will boost the points earned on your second flight.

This means that on your flight from Sydney to London, you will earn 24,800 Frequent Flyer Points, and on your flight from London to Sydney, you will earn an additional 34,100 for a total of 58,900 frequent flyer points, which I would value around $550 give or take. Savvy travellers would of course run this purchase through their American Express Qantas Ultimate Card which earns 2.25 points per $ on Qantas Flights. That would further boost your points earned by an extra 23,625 (give or take). Currently, the Amex Ultimate comes with a huge sign-up bonus of 120,000 Qantas Bonus Points as well + a $450 travel credit.

Depending on your situation, Qantas Platinum could also be worth between $2,000 and $3000, so that further offsets the cost of the flight to where we’re in business class pricing territory.


Immanuel Debeer

Chief points nerd and travel hacker at Flight Hacks

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  1. What date range of travel would I be looking at for this offer?
    Looking directly on Qantas website I see prices range from 11k to 16.6k.
    Is there a recommended place to search for this?

    • Hi Paul, I always use Google Flights to research as it’s fast and the calendar view is unmatched. Filter by Qantas and by first class and you’ll get a good overview.

  2. Hey Immanuel,
    thanks for a perfect tip. I have booked a 2 day trip for early July.
    It is actually possible to combine EK/QF one way each and still keep the price/points/status as the EK flights are under QF number.
    One question though: Am I going to get extra 8k QF points for each 500 SC’s I have earned on this itinerary? That would boost the total points earned to 106k + the platinum status of course.

    • Hi Jan, just keep in mind you won’t earn DSC if the flight is operated by Emirates even if the flight number is QF. Has to be QF metal + flight number to count. As for the 8k bonus or 50SC, the answer is yes and no. You will earn it based on regular SC earn and not from the DSC. This means you would earn just 1 lot for either 8K or 50 SC for earning 840 SC (without factoring in the DSC).

      • Thanks for pointing this out and clarifying the bonus points/SC. I might need to change the flights to Qantas operated both ways.
        Still a great deal!!

  3. I’ve tried the exact same searches and this deal does not come up anywhere. It is in those prices in USD however but not AUD

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