How to earn Qantas Points and Status Credits flying with Jetstar


Tom Goward | 05/02/2020

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If you want to earn Qantas points and status credits flying with Jetstar, you will need to purchase a bundle fare. Although Jetstar is owned by Qantas, a basic economy starter fare won’t earn you any points at all.

Apart from Qantas points and status credits, Jetstar bundles offer extras such as food and drink, checked baggage and seat selection.

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What is the earn rate?

Each bundle will earn you points and status credits at different rates. There are three bundles which will earn points and status credits:

  • Starter Plus: Economy
  • Starter Max: Flexible Economy
  • Business Max: Business
Jetstar Package Inclusions, prices are for Sydney to Melbourne flights

To find out exactly how many points and status credits you could earn for a particular flight head over to Qantas’s points calculator.

Is it worth it?

Most of the time the cost of a Jetstar flight, even after adding a bundle, can be considerably less than the equivalent Qantas flight. The cost of each bundle depends on the route travelled.

For example, let’s examine at an Economy Starter fare with the Plus bundle for a Melbourne to Sydney flight. The bundle costs $45 one-way and earns 800 Qantas points and 10 status credits.

In addition, the bundle gets you 20kg checked baggage allowance (normally $23), standard seat selection (normally $7) and a $10 food voucher for the flight. This means that you are paying $45 for $40 of value, before you take the points and status credits into consideration.

Although 800 Qantas points and 10 status credits isn’t a huge amount, you are essentially paying $5 for this perk. Now you might ask, do I actually need those other extras? For me, I will normally pay for seat selection so I can get a good window seat, but sometimes I don’t require the other options.

If I am travelling for work, I generally don’t need checked baggage and Jetstar’s menu isn’t that special. So in this instance, I would not purchase the bundle as I would be spending more just to get the points. However, If you were already planning on purchasing those extras, this can be a good way of topping up your Qantas points and status credit balance.


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