KrisFlyer Miles Get Extended For Another 6 Months


Immanuel Debeer | 13/12/2022

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Yesterday, Singapore Airlines announced a final 6-month extension on KrisFlyer miles that were set to expire next year.
KrisFlyer miles have a rolling expiry timeframe of 36 months, unlike most airlines who, will keep your miles valid as long as you have account activity (usually once every 18 months), which is a much fairer system.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles, on the other hand, are lost if you don’t use them within the 36-month rolling timeframe. Keep in mind that if you use miles that are set to expire for a booking but later cancel your ticket for a refund, the same expiry date for the miles is applied.

We’ve seen multiple rounds of expiry extensions from KrisFlyer over the last 2 years, and now the frequent flyer program has announced a final 6-month extension for all KrisFlyer members and PPS club members.

The extension applies to those with miles that expire between January 2023 and June 2023. For those members, the miles will automatically get extended by 6 months.

Miles extension schedule:

  • Jan-23 — Jul 23
  • Feb-23 — Aug-23
  • Mar-23 — Sep-23
  • Apr-23 — Oct-23
  • May-23 — Nov-23
  • Jun23 — Dec-23

Other than the automatic 6-month extension, members can also extend their miles for a fee. This will cost US$12 for each block of 10,000 KrisFlyer miles. This will extend the miles by 6 months unless you’re KrisFlyer Silver/Gold, in which case it’s 12 months.

Summing Up

It’s great to see KrisFlyer extend miles again, but ideally, they should move to an activity-based expiry system which is something Qantas and Velocity currently offer their members.


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