Qantas Frequent Flyers Gifted Up To 75 Status Credits Or 5000 Points


Tom Goward | 24/08/2023

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The Qantas Group has today launched a massive sale across its network as it also thanks eligible frequent flyers with their choice of Qantas Points or Status Credits.

More than one million seats are now on sale for travel across Qantas, Jetstar and QantasLink flights, for both domestic and international travel. You’ll save around 40 per cent on flights with the national carrier, while Jetstar is offering flights from a crazy $29 one-way!

The “mega sale” includes flights to more than 90 destinations across the country and around the world, offering travellers the opportunity to lock in discount flights when they plan ahead.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce boasted that this was the 17th network-wide sale from Qantas and Jetstar in the past 12 months, on top of regular sales by both airlines.

“There’s no doubt fares are higher than pre-COVID, which is true for products and services across the spectrum, but we’ve already seen economy fares come down on average by around 12 per cent over the past six months as more capacity returned to the market,”

“Jetstar is on track to reach its target of selling 10 million fares under $100 this calendar year,” added Mr Joyce.

Bonus Qantas Points And Status Credits

In recognition of their loyalty, Qantas will gift more than one billion Qantas Points shared between those frequent flyers who have taken at least one Qantas flight in the past 12 months. Members can also opt to receive Status Credits instead, which could help retain or increase their Qantas Frequent Flyer status.

Eligible customers will receive an email inviting them to choose between 1,000 Qantas Points or 30 Status Credits. If you have little patience, try checking the home screen of your Qantas App, as some members are seeing the option to make their selection instantly.

Took 10 or more Qantas flights within the last 12 months? You’ll have a choice of 5,000 Qantas Points or 75 Status Credits.

Qantas And Jetstar Launch “Mega Sale”

Qantas domestic sale fares include (one-way economy);

  • Melbourne – Launceston: $99
  • Gold Coast – Sydney: $119
  • Sydney – Melbourne: $125
  • Melbourne – Perth: $279
  • Darwin – Sydney: $299

Qantas international sale fares include (economy return);

  • Brisbane – Auckland: $549
  • Sydney – Nadi (Fiji): $625
  • Perth – Singapore $639
  • Melbourne – Los Angeles: $1,199
  • Sydney – London: $1,799

Jetstar domestic sale fares include (one-way economy);

  • Sydney – Ballina (Byron Bay): $29
  • Melbourne – Gold Coast: $49
  • Adelaide – Hobart: $69
  • Perth – Brisbane: $99

Jetstar international sale fares include (economy return);

  • Perth – Bali (Denpasar): $145
  • Sydney – Honolulu $229
  • Brisbane – Seoul (Incheon): $249
  • Melbourne – Ho Chi Minh City: $169

Tom Goward

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  1. Nice one Qantas but has everyone read the fine print

    To be eligible for this gift you must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member who has, by 21 August 2023, booked a Qantas (QF) marketed and operated flight for travel between 1 July 2022 and 30 August 2023 and can be identified by your Qantas Frequent Flyer number for that flight (Eligible Member). Bookings made after 21 August 2023 will not be counted or eligible for this gift

    Just typical, make it sound like they are being good

    • I think those are very reasonable terms and conditions. Why would Qantas give stuff away to people that don’t support their business?

  2. Hi! I did 2 international flights ( august 2022 and March 2023) and I did not get the offer for the 5000 points.
    I am very disappointed 😞. Plus I am booked to go on another international flight next May 2024.
    Why wasn’t I offered those 5000 points?

    • Us neither – we flew from Bangkok to Sydney in September 2022 – booked through Qantas, on a Qantas flight, operated by Qantas between the eligible dates. and…to add some insult to the injury, they moved our booked flight by 24 hours so we had the additianal costs of a hotel, unable to be claimed on insurance becuase we had over a week’s notice – but no alternate flights that were not extortionate.
      Since none of those I ahve spoke to have received their email either – starting to wonder if these are just hot air from a company trying to publicaly try and redeem itself while in the back end doing very little.

  3. The maths doesn’t seem to be right… qantas stated 1 billion points to be ” gifted” at a minimum amount of 1000 points per frequent flyer member if they had at least one flight during the past year.

    1 billion is 1000 million.. so if the minimum gift is 1000 points then it means 1 million member will get the minimum gift…

    But qantas states that their frequent flyer programme has 14.7 million members.

    So only 1 out of 14 members is receiving the gift of points

    I know some will take the status credits instead of point but even if half recieve points and half take the points then that’s 2 million out of 14.7 members receiving a gift of point.

    There are three conclusions

    1… alot of the 14.7 members of frequent flyers program are not active or didn’t take a flight in the past 12 months

    2.. the figure of 1 billion points to be gifted is too low an estimate

    3. The take up of the gift offer will be low.

    • Who knows! Qantas is a publicly traded company so you should be able to find out how many people travelled last year and maybe if they were a member of the QF Frequent Flyer program. It’s save to assume not all the 14.7 members fly Qantas at least once a year, and yes a lot of people (the active cohort of flyers) will probably take the status credits as they matter more for those who actively travel.

    • I had the same problem, couldn’t see in the home screen the offer. However, as soon as I upgraded the Qantas App, that fixed the problem. Try that

  4. I received the offer and selected the 75 status credits option but have not seen them appear in my frequent flyer account yet. Any idea how long this takes.

  5. I didn’t receive any email about this 1000 point gift to frequent flyer members. I’m a frequent flyer member since 1997 and travelled last March 6 return from Sydney to Los Angeles , and still not entitled to this 1000 points gift. I complained about it not receiving any email from Qantas, but they said the offer is finished August 31 and they cannot do something about it. Bad luck to me, that’s all the guy from customer service said. I’m even a Qantas Club member for how many years, and that’s what I get . Bad luck for me.

  6. I’m in the same situation, international flights on Qantas this year, but no offer/reward from Qantas. Can we hear from someone who was actually offered something by Qantas and who also qualified and received points or credits?

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