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Immanuel Debeer | 20/02/2020

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Qantas double status credit promotions provide an excellent excuse for those seeking to gain or maintain a certain level of status with Qantas Frequent Flyer. Below are some routes that provide you with a nice chunk of points at an acceptable price. Since the current promotion is limited to Qantas marked and operated flights only we will not include any One World partners. Please note that pricing and credits may not be 100% accurate since it will all come down to the exact ticket fare you buy eg. discount business vs business. Always do a dummy booking to see the exact points you will earn or use the Qantas calculator found here.

International Qantas Status Run

For the cheapest prices, we recommend researching flights using Skyscanner and Google flights. (you don’t have to book direct to get double status credits!)

For the adventurous status chasers looking to get the cheapest credits possible, we’ve found the following route netting you a total of 790 status credits with Qantas for as low as $2.98 per dollar. The route is as follows:

CMB (Colombo Sri Lanka) to SIN (Singapore) then onto MEL (Mâelbourne) and SYD (Sydney) after a quick stopover. One of the cheapest options is $2,355. Part of this trip will be on Sri Lanka Airlines which is a One World airline but is excluded from the double status credit promotion. Singapore to Melbourne however, does qualify for double credits and will net you a total of 500 status credits and 26,850 Qantas frequent flyer points. Note that DSC won’t count towards the 50 bonus credits Qantas usually awards when you earn 500 credits on QF market flights.

Alternatively, if you like round numbers, search for flights from CMB to CHC (Christchurch) in business class a return ticket will set you back $2,145 (lowest I could find) and will net you a tidy 1,000 status credits, only 400 away from Platinum status! This particular run will also earn you 29,450 Qantas frequent flyer points.

Noumea is a popular option for many frequent flyers but definitely requires some more advanced planning as it involves many segments. The run goes something like Adelaide-Brisbane-Melbourne-Sydney-Noumea or switch it around depending on your departing city. The total should net you 880 status credits during the double promo if booked in discount business. You will score a total of 880 credits and 18,400 frequent flyer points.

Qantas Status Run Departing From Brisbane

One of the cheapest options from Brisbane (BNE) is a return flight in business class to Christchurch (CHC) New Zealand. These can often be found for as low as $926 and will net you a healthy 340 status credits per return run during the double status promo. That’s a price of $2.72 per status credit which is a great price.

BNE-MEL-DPS (Denpasar Bali) in business class will yield a total of 690 status credits and 21,100 frequent flyer points at a price of $3,303. Bringing the cost per status credit to $4.7 which will get you instant gold status with Qantas.

Qantas Status Run Departing From Gold Coast

One of the sweet spots at the moment (in terms of pricing) is OOL (Gold Coast). The route you can take is both Christchurch and Auckland via either Melbourne or Sydney. While routing via Melbourne will give you slightly more status credits, I’ve found that flying OOL-SYD-AKL can be had for around $1300 return in business for 500 status credits.

If you can cope in a B737, OOL-MEL-CHC will net you a total of 560 credits for a similar price.

Qantas Status Run Departing From Canberra

NZ is one of the better status run options for those looking to fly for the sake of flying. CBR (Canberra) to Wellington/Christchurch/Auckland via Sydney or Melbourne will clock in at 500 status credits in business class (during the double promo) for approximately $1,590 that’s a healthy $2.80 per status credit.

Another popular route for those looking to get their status upgraded is Canberra to Denpasar (Bali) via Melbourne. This route will net you 800 status credits during a DSC promo!

Qantas Status Run Departing From Melbourne

Melbourne (MEL) to Christchurch (CHC) can be had for $1,372 return in business class which will score you 340 status credits and 5,400 frequent flyer points. It’s not the cheapest run, but it gets the job done around $4 per status credit.

Melbourne (MEL) to Denpasar Bali (DPS) via Sydney (SYD) is fantastic value around $1,900 return in business class and will result in 640 status credits, at $2.9 per status credit it is incredible value.

Melbourne to Jakarta is also a reliable option at around $3,362 onboard the Qantas A330 in business class. Points for this flight are 640 for a return during the double status promo.

If you plan to head over to London, Qantas Premium Economy could be an option at around $3,599 in Premium Economy, earning you 600 status points and putting you within reach of getting hold of Gold status.

Qantas Status Run Departing From Sydney

The same CHC route we mentioned for MEL is also available from SYD, at around $1,389 return in business class it’s a solid option if you want to earn some quick status points (340 during double status promo).

Flights to Tokyo HND can be had for around $3,598 in business class and will net 500 status credits along with 16,900 frequent flyer points. It’s not cheap at $7.1 per status credit but arguably more exciting than Christchurch.

Alternatively, Hong Kong will net the same amount for status credits and tickets are slightly cheaper at around $3,378 in business class.

Qantas Status Run Departing From Adelaide/Port Lincoln

From Adelaide, the Christchurch option also provides excellent value at around $1,948 in business class for a total of 500 status credits via Melbourne. At $3.8 per status credit during the double promo, I would say it provides good to average value.

If you want a cheaper option with slightly more status credits (560) you can position yourself to Port Lincoln first and fly to Christchurch via Melbourne or Sydney. Business class for that route can often be had for $1794 return!

Qantas Status Run Departing From Perth

Surprise surprise, CHC is back! From Perth (PER) to Christchurch (CHC) via Brisbane (BNE) will come in at around $2,781 in business class for a total of 660 status credits, which means you’re in easy reach of gold. To sweeten the deal, there are also 12,000 frequent flyer points to offset the cost of your ticket. At $4.2 per status credit it definitely isn’t bad value.

Qantas Status Run Departing From Hobart

Hobart is one of those sweet spots, prices are usually pretty reasonable and if you can position there to start your trip, you’re guaranteed to hit that next status tier in no time!

The classic Noumea run will see you fly: Hobart – Sydney/Melbourne – Noumea for a total of 560 status credits!

Qantas Status Run Departing From Townsville

Small airports usually net big results (and great prices) during a DSC promo. Townsville in QLD to Christchurch NZ via Brisbane can usually be had on sale in business for $1420 and will get you 480 status credits during a DSC. Alternatively, you can fly to Auckland as well but this is usually more expensive (you do get a nice A3390 with a flatbed on this route though!)

In Conclusion

I personally don’t see the benefit in Qantas Gold/Platinum status (forget about Silver) (although as the hypocrite that I am, I did reach British Airways Executive Gold or OW Emerald this year) since I generally don’t fly economy enough to justify it. When redeeming flights with points (which is the majority of my travel), there’s no added benefit that I value at a few thousand dollars extra (which is what you will spend flying around). The added perks of Qantas Platinum to unlock award flights is wasted on me too since there’s no incentive for me to fly Qantas long haul on points (considering there are many better options out there).

On the other hand, if you frequently travel for work, now’s the perfect time to lock in those flights for the year ahead since lounge access and other status perks are very much worth it if you are a true frequent flyer.

Make sure to register for the Double Status Promo first; all the details can be found in this post.


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