Quarantine Camp Nightmare For Cathay Pacific Crew


Tom Goward | 18/11/2021

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Hong Kong’s government is enforcing a mandatory 21-day quarantine on all Cathay Pacific crew returning from Frankfurt. The move comes after three pilots who operated cargo flights from Germany were confirmed as positive Covid cases.

Cathay Pacific is the world’s third-largest commercial airfreight carrier, with Frankfurt being the airline’s European cargo hub. Shortly after the positive results, Cathay changed the hotel for employees staying in Frankfurt, suspended cargo crew layovers in the city and implemented daily Covid tests.

Hong Kong’s strict approach to the pandemic is run by Mainland China, with the aim to stomp out any overseas Covid cases from entering the city. While the rest of the world sets course for a return to normal thanks to increasing vaccination rates, Hong Kong seems to be continuing its harsh strategy.

The strict policy has upset some staff  (more than 100 are locked up in quarantine containers right now) who took to social media to document their quarantine camp nightmare. Images and video from the facility show the shocking conditions the crews are subject to while detained.

Inside Hong Kong’s container quarantine facility

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 pilot Eva, @flywitheva, has shared footage of the shipping container turned quarantine room.

“I need to stay in a container in Penny Bay Isolation Camp for 21 days” she said.

Eva notes her account is personal and that because she is not a spokesperson for her airline she must run posting about the situation via Cathay. Despite the censorship, her media reveals the shocking conditions enforced on crew by the Hong Kong government.

“I was sent here with my crew after flying from Frankfurt. Our post-flight PCR tests were negative, but we are considered potential close contacts.”

Her video below shows how tiny a space crew are locked in, along with the thin mattress, prison-like shower hose and overall lack of facilities. Eva says her overnight layover bag is all she has been allowed access to for 21-day quarantine.

Final Thoughts…

Imagine doing everything by the book, supplying countries with essential supplies and keeping important trading routes open… only to be treated like a criminal. Surely there’s a better way?


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