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Tom Goward | 02/10/2023

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Regional Express has finally stopped twiddling their thumbs and launched their long-promised frequent flyer program. It’s been two and a half years since Rex broke into the intercity jet market, a space still dominated by Virgin Australia and Qantas.

The aptly named Rex Flyer is now accepting members, who can earn and shortly redeem points across the airline’s domestic and regional network. Rex Flyer’s will also accumulate status points, with elite benefits kicking off early in the new year.

“The program with its superior benefits means we can at last reward our passengers for the loyalty they have shown us over many years,” says John Sharp, Deputy Chairman at Regional Express.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rex Flyer.

How Do I Join Rex Flyer?

Travellers who register for Rex Flyer before 2 January 2024 will immediately receive 5,000 Rex points as a sign-on bonus! Plus, everyone will earn double Rex Points for bookings made by 2 January 2024, regardless of the date of travel. Here’s how to become a member;

Step 1: Visit the Rex Flyer registration page.

Step 2: Complete the form with your personal details and click “Submit”.

Step 3: Check your email inbox for a confirmation email, and click the “Activate Now” link.

Step 4: You should receive another email with your Rex Flyer number.

Rex Flyer

Earning Elite Status With Rex Flyer

Rex Flyer has launched with three elite status tiers, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond, while entry-level members will start off with Opal status.

Rex Flyer Opal

To unlock/maintain: sign up for free.

Rex Flyer Sapphire

To unlock/maintain: 1,500 Status Points or 12 Rex Flights

Rex Flyer Sapphire members enjoy status perks including;

  • 25% bonus points
  • Priority customer care phone support
  • Priority access to point upgrades
  • Complimentary seat selection
  • Access to priority seating zones

Rex Flyer Emerald

To unlock/maintain: 3,000 Status Points or 24 Rex Flights

Rex Flyer Emerald members enjoy all Sapphire benefits plus;

  • 50% bonus points
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority tagged bags
  • Priority boarding
  • Complimentary front seat selection
  • Complimentary Rextra Legroom during web check-in
  • Additional baggage allowance
  • 2 complimentary upgrades

Rex Flyer Diamond

To unlock/maintain: 6,000 Status Points or 48 Rex Flights

Rex Flyer Diamond members enjoy all Emerald benefits plus;

  • 75% bonus points
  • Complimentary lounge access
  • Complimentary Rextra Legroom seats
  • Additional carry-on baggage allowance
  • 3 complimentary upgrades
  • 1 complimentary alcoholic drink on board
  • Rex Flyer members who have accumulated the relevant number of status points or flights can enjoy their elite benefits from early 2024.

How To Earn Rex Points: Flights With Regional Express

You’ll earn up to 7 points per dollar spent on flights with Rex, as below.

Rex Flyer Earn Rates

Members will also earn 5 Rex Points for each dollar spent on additional baggage and seat selection.

How To Earn Rex Points: Partner Earning

For now, the only way to earn Rex Points is by flying with Rex. However, we do expect Rex to offer ground earning shortly, starting with fuel and grocery outlets.

How To Redeem Rex Points

From mid-November Rex Flyer members will be able to use their points to redeem flights. The cost of a redemption is set per route and tied to the cash value of each fare. Members have three types of rewards to choose from;

  • Ultimate rewards are cheapest but have limited availability per flight.
  • Getaway rewards require a few more points but have more seats available.
  • Anytime rewards are the most expensive, but are always available.

To find out how many Rex Points you need for a particular flight, simply visit the Rex Flyer Awards page here.

Perhaps the best part of Rex Flyer is Last Minute Flight Rewards. The new program promises that almost every unsold seat on a flight can be booked using points at the last minute. Last Minute Flight Rewards kick off in February 2024, as follows;

  • 48 hours before departure: every unsold Economy seat on the flight (except 5) are available as an Ultimate reward.
  • 24 hours before departure: every Business seat on the flight (except 2) are available as an Ultimate reward.
  • Midnight on the day of departure: All unsold seats are available as an Ultimate reward.

Rex Flyer Family Points Pooling

You now have the option to pool your frequent flyer points and status with a single family member, known as the Family Lead, through the Rex Flyer Point Pool program. This allows you to send your Rex Points, Status Points, and Status Flights directly to the Family Lead’s account as soon as they’re accrued by you. It’s important to note that any points you’ve earned before joining a Point Pool will stay in your individual account.

A Point Pool can include up to six family members, with a limit of two members who are 18 years or older. You’re allowed to be part of just one Point Pool at any given time and can join a maximum of two different Point Pools within a year. All family members in the Point Pool must live at the same residential address.

Once your Rex Points, Status Points, and Status Flights are transferred to the Family Lead, they can’t be moved back to your account. However, you’re free to leave the Rex FlyerPoint Pool whenever you choose.

Rex Flyer Membership Tier Pause

If you’re a Sapphire, Emerald, or Diamond member and plan to take at least six months of parental leave from your job, you can apply for a membership pause. This pause offers two key benefits:

  • Extension of any points that would expire during your membership pause. These points will remain valid for the duration of your pause plus an additional six months.
  • Maintenance of your current status level for the pause period plus 12 months beyond its commencement.

Even during this pause, you’ll still be able to accrue points, redeem them, and enjoy the status benefits associated with your membership.

This membership pause can be requested for any child in your care, including fostered and adopted children. It’s available for up to two parents if they take leave simultaneously.

You’re eligible to request a membership pause:

  • Once for each child.
  • Once every two years.

To initiate this pause, you simply need to provide the Rex Customer Contact Centre with two pieces of documentation: confirmation from your employer of your parental leave (which must be a minimum of six months) and proof of pregnancy, birth, adoption, or fostering.


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