Finally, Qatar Airways has launched a deal that stretches all the way to Australia. Finding cheap business class fares to Asia from cities such as Stockholm and Oslo seems to be the norm these days, but getting to Australia in business class on a budget is rare.

Right now you can find cheap business class deals from Oslo and Stockholm to Melbourne, Perth and Canberra.

Depending on dates and flights, you could find yourself on either a flight with Qsuites, 787/A350 also with excellent business class seats or the A380 which features a bar on-board.

Oslo to Perth

Oslo to Perth can be had for AU$3325 return, which is a bargain if you ask me.

Discounted prices seem to be available from October onwards. With deals like this, however, it’s a case of first in best dressed.

Availability reaches into May 2020, so there should be plenty of options to make this work for you.

You can book discounted Qatar Airways flights here.

Oslo to Melbourne

From November onwards you can find Qatar Airways flights in business class for $3508 from Oslo to Melbourne via Doha. Availability also stretches into May, which is fantastic.

The best deal – Stockholm to Canberra

The best value deal is arguably Stockholm to Canberra which is clocking in at $3319 from October 2019 through to May 2020.

Since Canberra is so close to Sydney & Melbourne, this is fantastic value.

If you have friends and family looking to visit Australia for Christmas; call them now, tell them to stop doing whatever it is they are doing and BOOK these flights ASAP.

How to book

To get the best price you’re going to want to go direct via the Qatar Airways booking page since Google prices aren’t 100% accurate for these sale fares.

Prices will get priced in either SEK (Swedish Krona) or DKK (Danish Krone). Since the payment will be in foreign currency, make sure to use a card that doesn’t charge foreign exchange fee such as the ANZ Adventures Visa (worst case you will pay 3% extra with all other major cards).

On the Qatar Airways search page, make sure you tick the “premium only” checkbox, this will narrow down flights in Business and First-Class only.

You will then want to look on the calendar for dates marked with a yellow ribbon (this means lowest sale price).

Qatar Airways has a handy 15-day calendar view as well, which will help you to quickly zone in on the cheapest deals.

>> Click here to visit the booking page

Earning Points

Since these are the cheapest possible business class fares, they are coded “R” which means you won’t earn as many status credits and points compared to full fare.

If you’re planning to credit to Qantas, this will yield you 220 status credits to Melbourne or Canberra + 20,800 QF points.

On a flight to Perth, you will end up with slightly more (according to the calculator) status credits (300) and 17,600 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.

Crediting to Qatar Airways’s program probably won’t be useful to most people since it’s pretty poor value.

Personally, I would credit these miles to British Airways Avios. For more ideas on where to credit, check this link here.