ANA Will Return To Perth In October 2023


Immanuel Debeer | 18/01/2023

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After a false start last year, it’s now been confirmed that All Nippon Airways will return to Western Australia later this year. The airline will relaunch 3 weekly flights using the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, with the first flight scheduled for 29th October 2023.

Update: ANA has now confirmed the date and started selling flights! As of June 13th, 2023.

ANA will resume the Narita = Perth route from October 29 with three roundtrips per week. The flights
will resume operation for the first time in approximately three and a half years, since March 2020.

Initially, ANA launched the Narita – Perth flights in 2019, but this route was short-lived thanks to the 2020 lockdowns.

While flights aren’t on sale yet at the time of writing, the airline is expected to follow the same schedule.

We expect the Perth flight will have a departure time of 9:45 PM, touching down in Tokyo Narita airport at 8:25 AM, and the Narita to Perth flight is expected to depart at 11:15 AM for an evening arrival into Perth at 8:15 PM.

ANA will be using the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner for this route which features a business class cabin and a section reserved for premium economy. While this isn’t the luxurious flagship product found on the long-range B777, you can definitely expect a comfortable flight to Japan with the bonus of not having to stop over!

Velocity Frequent Flyer members can most likely expect codeshare benefits from ANA and Virgin Australia as both airlines are working on a closer partnership this year. No doubt, when flights start later this year, we will know more of what the reciprocal benefits will look like, and maybe even an option to redeem your Velocity points for ANA-operated flights!

More to come…


Immanuel Debeer

Chief points nerd and travel hacker at Flight Hacks

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  1. We are celebrating our 50 th wedding anniversary July 2024 and are taking our 10 member family to Japan to celebrate. We would appreciate if when ANA commence direct flights from Perth Australia to Tokyo we will be
    We would be very great full for further information.



  2. Any word on flights from Perth?….the suspense is killing me. Surely if they had any intention to resume flight October 30th – they would have them for sale? We cannot go via Singapore….too much time wastage.

  3. Any word on flights from Perth?….the suspense is killing 🙁
    Surely if they had any intention to fly Oct 30th, they would be fo sale by now??

    • Not a beep! I would have thought flights would go on sale when they announced it… let’s see if this is another fluke.

  4. God this is ridiculous! Thank you for the updates but why are they dragging their feet on relaunching the service! I’m desperately trying to book my holiday with club med for 2024 before the early bird deal expires but I cant lock down dates! Very frustrating

  5. My wife is Japanese, living with me in Perth WA. She rang the ANA Japanese help line yesterday (25th May 2023) and asked what was going on with these flights and when they were anticipating them opening for booking – unfortunately, even they had no idea!

    Bit weird / frustrating given its less than 6 months til this service supposedly resumes!

    • Yes indeed, it’s very much the kind of response I’d expect from ANA and it’s certainly odd that they haven’t started selling yet — which makes me wonder if they are struggling to get the equipment needed for this route? I’m planning to reach out to them and see if I can get a formal response.

  6. Thanks Immanuel and JMate for the updates. We’re hanging out for bookings to open too. Like Diana, we’re trying to take advantage of early bird ski deals, and quite a few of these are already booking out. It’s super frustrating!

    • Hi Marshel, I’m hoping to get a response from ANA regarding the route. But personally I’d look into other options as well, there are plenty of alternatives via Singapore, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur which might ad a bit of time but it’s certainly not bad either.

      • Thanks for following up on our behalf! Following to see ANA official response (if any!). Side note – i also contacted PER and they also had no idea what was going on.

        Yeah we take the alternatives all the time (typically via SGP or KUL), just would prefer to “cut out the middleman” so to speak ha ha …. the whole deboard – transit – re-security – reboard thing drives us nuts, especially with little kids in tow!

  7. Would appreciate if anyone has any updates?? I have tried filling out an online comments/feedback form re: when ANA will begin selling the Oct/Nov flights, but it’s been complete silence thus far…

      • Not wanting to give anyone (including ourselves LOL) false hope but my wife did an analysis of ANA flights which HAVE recently resumed after suspension vs when seats on said flights were released for sale. The example she referenced was flights NH829/NH830 from Mumbai, India to Narita and return.

        She found that those flights were recently resumed on 17th April 2023, with booking opened from 17th January 2023 – i.e. only 3 months between bookings opening and flights recommencing. Projecting this onto the Perth / Narita flights, re-starting on Oct 29th 2023, we’d anticipate bookings open from July 29th 2023.

        Once again – this is all our speculation, not wanting to give false hope and with no official word from ANA – to be taken with large grain of salt (Shio) 🙂

      • Just got an email from ANA “[Great News!] G’day Perth, WE ARE BACK!”

        And yep if you go to the ANA booking site – you can now book direct flights again! HAPPY DAYS (as long as you can afford it …. ~$2300 return …. ouch!)

  8. Their website seems to be glitchy, have tried booking flights from Perth return, in April next year and all the return flights are listing via Sydney, no direct flight on the return. Don’t get me started on the price, think I would be happy to save the extra $3000 and go via KL. Hopefully they will have some reasonable prices and fixed website soon.

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