Limited Time: 50% Bonus On Qatar Airways Avios


Immanuel Debeer | 04/06/2024

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Avios is the rewards currency shared by British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus, Aer Lingus AerClub and Qatar Airways Privilege Club and Finnair Plus.  If you have a frequent flyer account with any of these airlines, you might be familiar with earning and redeeming Avios.

To make things simple, Avios can be transferred between any of these programs at a rate of 1:1 in any direction. So, 1 Qatar Airways Avios is worth 1 Iberia Avios, and so on. Because each program will show different reward seat availability and pricing, transferring Avios can be a game-changer for maximising the value of your points.

The loyalty schemes of Avios regularly run bonus promotions to entice frequent flyers to purchase Avios for an account top-up. Right now, Qatar Airways Privilege Club are offering an 50% bonus on Avios purchases.

50% Bonus On Qatar Avios Purchases

Until midnight AEST 11th June 2024, you can score a 50% bonus when purchasing 40,000 or more Avios from Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club restricts its members to purchasing a maximum of 250,000 Avios per calendar year, before any bonus is applied. If you choose to purchase Qatar Avios, it could take up to 72 hours for them to land in your account, but typically, it is nearly instantaneous.

To be eligible to purchase Avios, you must have earned at least 1,000 Avios since enrollment.

For those with Australian accounts, Qatar Airways prices its Avios in AUD. Here is what you can expect to pay, before any bonuses;

  • 1,000 Avios: AU$55.46
  • 20,000 Avios: AU$869.40
  • 40,000 Avios: AU$1,678.80
  • 80,000 Avios: AU$3,357.60
  • 100,000 Avios: AU$4,197
  • 125,000 Avios: AU$5,246.25
  • 175,000 Avios: AU$7,344.75
  • 200,000 Avios: AU$8,394
  • 250,000 Avios: AU$10,492.50

In US$, the pricing is better and as follows:

  • 1,000 Avios: US$28
  • 20,000 Avios: US480
  • 40,000 Avios: US$920
  • 80,000 Avios: US$1,840
  • 100,000 Avios: US$2,300
  • 125,000 Avios: US$2,875
  • 175,000 Avios: US$4,025
  • 200,000 Avios: US$4,600
  • 250,000 Avios: US$5,750

During this promotion, the cost per point works out to US$0.0153 or AU$0.0279 per 1 Avios. This means that under the current rates, you’d pay US$1,377 for a one way ticket in business class from Australia to Europe + taxes & fees. Not terrible!

How Do I Buy Qatar Airways Avios?

Step 1: Log into your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account.

Step 2: Click “Privilege Club” in the top menu bar, then “Buy, gift & transfer” in the dropdown.

Step 3: Click “Buy, gift or transfer now” and then “Buy Avios”.

Step 4: Select the amount of Avios you wish to purchase and complete your payment.

For Those With Patience: British Airways Avios Subscription

Last year, British Airways launched subscription plans for those frequent flyers after a monthly injection of Avios at a reasonable price. Just like Amazon, British Airways offers both monthly and annual payment options, with the latter offering the best value.

Keep in mind that selecting a yearly plan will bring about one up-front payment, with a fresh batch of Avios landing in your account monthly. There are four Avios subscription plan tiers, as below;

  • 20,000 Avios per year: £185 yearly / £19 monthly
  • 50,000 Avios per year: £455 yearly / £45 monthly
  • 100,000 Avios per year: £899 yearly / £89 monthly
  • 200,000 Avios per year: £1,789 yearly / £179 monthly

Want to know more? Check out our Guide To British Airways Avios Subscriptions!

How Much Are Avios Worth?

Ideally, we aim to purchase Avios for less than £0.0094. At this cost, you can typically extract enough value through redemption.

Using Avios For Qantas Domestic Redemptions

A favourite Avios redemption is for Qantas domestic flights within Australia, where British Airways can prove useful for last-minute domestic redemptions. When cash fares have dramatically increased in the lead-up to departure, Avios can even provide good value for Economy flights.


Here are some of the ways you could use British Airways Avios for domestic flights with Qantas;

  • Sydney to Brisbane/Melbourne: 6,000 Avios in Economy or 12,500 in Business (compared to 8,000 and 18,400 Qantas Points)
  • Melbourne to Brisbane: 9,000 Avios in Economy or 16,500 in Business (compared to 12,000 and 27,600 Qantas Points)
  • Melbourne to Perth: 11,000 Avios in Economy or 22,000 in Business (compared to 18,000 and 41,500 Qantas Points)
  • Sydney to Perth: 13,000 Avios in Economy or 38,750 in Business (compared to 18,000 and 41,500 Qantas Points)

Offer History: Bonus Avios On Purchases

Before you take advantage of the current offer, it’s worth checking out previous Avios promotions. Here are some of the Avios bonus offers we have seen over the years;

  • June 2024: 50% bonus (Qatar)
  • August 2023: 80% bonus (Qatar)
  • June 2023: 80% bonus (Qatar)
  • March 2023: 40% bonus (British Airways)
  • January 2023: 40% bonus (British Airways)
  • December 2022: 50% bonus (British Airways)
  • November 2022: 50% bonus (British Airways)
  • September 2022: 50% bonus (British Airways)
  • June 2022: 50% bonus (British Airways)

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