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Immanuel Debeer | 26/02/2018

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One of my favourite pages to visit is the Flyer Talk Premium Fares thread: It’s a great place to discover fantastic premium airfare bargains.

It turns out there are some crazy low prices for Emirates business class flights all the way through 2018, the only issue being…you have to depart from CAI (Cairo, Egypt) and fly to WLG (Wellington, NZ) via Melbourne to score the discounted price. However on the plus side, the flights are booked in flexible C class on a QF codeshare, which means you will earn 400 status credits in each direction as a bronze member. As an added bonus you will also earn 49,150 Qantas Frequent Flyer points which you could value at around $500. Keep in mind you will need to be able to get the full ticket booked under a QF flight number to score these status credits, it doesn’t work for all dates but it is possible.

Let’s break it down

This is the route:


To start, you need to depart from Cairo, Egypt. The lowest price I could find was around $2500, but for a little bit extra you can extend your stopover  in Melbourne meaning that you could fly from Cairo to Melbourne and then take the other flights at a later date.

This flight is even more perfect if you have friends or family looking to visit Australia over the Christmas period. All they need to do is add on an extra flight from a European country to Cairo. In most cases, that’s only a 4h flight, and there would be no need to leave the airport.

The flight from CAI to DXB will be on the 777 which isn’t that exciting, but for the long trek to Melbourne, you will be able to enjoy a fully flat bed on the A380 (and of course the bar!).

Example Route:

Here’s an example itinerary I put together for my cousin who’s looking to visit us later in the year.

Cairo to Melbourne via Dubai on December 22nd, then Melbourne to Wellington on January 5th before starting the journey back from Wellington to Melbourne and then onto Cairo via Dubai.

Why are these fares so cheap? Well, there are a few safety concerns around Egypt hence a lot of tourists are avoiding the place. Should you be worried? Probably not! I’ve heard from a few people who have had a great time visiting Cairo with hardly a tourist is sight! It also makes for some very cheap business class flights when you depart from Egypt.

How to book?

I would start by researching your flight here:;f=CAI;t=WLG;d=2018-10-02;r=2018-11-01;sc=b

Use the multi-city tool to see different pricing with stopovers, if you’re looking to change the dates later etc. make sure you get a travel agent to look into this for you as there will be different fare rules depending on your booking.



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