Flash Sale: Up To 70% Bonus When You Buy Etihad Guest Miles


Immanuel Debeer | 22/11/2021

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Etihad Guest has just launched a lucrative 70% bonus sale when you purchase more than 31,000 miles. It’s on for 2 days only from 21-22 November (you’ll get an extra day in Australia due to time zone differences).

While Etihad isn’t part of any alliance, they have some interesting airline partners on which you can redeem your Etihad Guest Miles.
Most notably: Virgin Australia, ANA, Air Canada and Malaysia Airlines (check out the complete list here).

Any flight deals?

For a business class ticket from Sydney to London with ANA, you only need 117,000 Etihad Guest Miles one way. This means you could buy 69,000 miles for just USD 1380, which would net you a bonus of 48,300 miles for a total of 117,380 (you can buy the miles here).

Of course, I have no way of confirming the taxes, but I expect those to be in line with other programs, so it should be around US$160 for the whole trip.

Etihad Guest miles can also be used for Virgin Australia bookings, and with a 70% bonus, it’s likely cheaper than buying flights outright. For example, Melbourne to Denpasar will set you back 33,800 miles in business one way. This means you can fly business return for US$800 with Virgin Australia (it’s the same price from Perth to Sydney… when that’s a thing again.)

There are plenty of other options for you to explore as well, so check the mileage distance using GCMAP here and then reference the award charts here to see what you can find!

Just note that these rewards will need to be redeemed by calling Etihad Guest, and you’ll need to make an educated guess by using other programs to check availability, so I wouldn’t recommend buying these miles unless you know what you’re doing!


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