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Immanuel Debeer | 14/05/2020

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Qatar Airways has just announced what I think is one of the (if not THE) most flexible travel policy ever. With most airlines grounded, Qatar Airways has maintained a somewhat regular schedule around the world.

With many European countries looking to ease travel restrictions in June, the airline’s new “Travel With Confidence” policy isn’t just a marketing gimmick. It’s actually so good; we can potentially hack the system to save thousands on travel. Let’s take a look at how we can maximise this very generous travel policy.

Unlimited Changes Up To 5k Mile Radius

One of the key policies is that you will be able to change ANY ticket to another destination where Qatar Airways flies, as long as it’s no more than 5,000 miles.

“You can change your travel date or destination free of charge, as often as you need, for travel until 31 December 2020. You can change your origin to another city within the same country or any other destination we fly to within a 5,000 mile radius of your original destination.”

To learn more about this amazing policy, click here.

Cool, what’s the big deal?

Let’s fire up my favourite air-mile mapping tool gcmapper and look at the distance between Australian cities and Asian cities (because it’s already cheap to fly to places such as Singapore & Bangkok in business). All the popular destinations are within the 5,000-mile radius: Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur

Do you see where I’m going with this? Even countries such as the Philippines are within the 5,000-mile radius.

The best way to maximise this is to book a Qatar Airways business class flight from Scandinavian countries to Asia Norway, Sweden etc are my favourites.

Hack 50 Discount on Business Class Flights 2

PS. For my New Zealand readers, Auckland is 4,763 miles from Jakarta…

Considering the generous policy, you could book a flight from Oslo to Asia, call up the friendly people at Qatar Airways and then request for your ticket to be changed, free of charge to wherever you want to go in Australia.

Even with air travel at an all-time low, business class tickets for the end of the year and next year are still going for AU$6000+ from Sydney. So essentially you could save more than 50% with this little hack.

On top of that, you can potentially fly one of the best business class products in the sky Qatar Airways Qsuite!

Hack 50 Discount on Business Class Flights

More Good Stuff

I hear you saying: but what if we won’t be able to go anywhere until the end of the year? Qatar Airways has you covered once again! Changing your travel date? No problem! Change it free of charge? Sure, why not! Need to cancel? Here’s a voucher with 10% extra value!

If you needed an excuse to book tickets now for travel later, this is it!

Hack 50 Discount on Business Class Flights 3

The catch?

Of course, there’s a catch, the deal is valid for tickets issued on or before 30 September 2020 and is valid for travel on or before 31 December 2020.

For the full details, visit this page on Qatar Airways.


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