Hilton Honors Extending Status For All Members


Immanuel Debeer | 26/03/2020

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Hilton Honors have just announced they will be extending status for all their members, worldwide. On top of that, they are also extending points expiry dates and stay certificates.

2019 Status Extended

Hilton Honors are extending the status for everyone who had Silver, Gold or Diamond status throughout 2019, with requalification due on March 31 2020. Instead of suffering a downgrade, you will instead enjoy an extra 12 months of status perks.

2020 Status Extended

If you met the requalification requirements during 2019 and until March 31, 2020; you will see your status extended until 2022. This means you won’t miss out compared to those who didn’t meet the requirements for status this year.

Points Expiry Extension

Hilton Honors points usually expire after 12 months of no activity (redeeming or earning), if your points are due to expire this year, this will be automatically postponed until December 31, 2022

Stay Certificate Extension

While not so common in Australia anymore after the departure of our one and only Hilton Honors credit card, if for some reason you have sat certificates, they will be extended. Certificates with expiry dates set between March 11 and August 30, 2020; will see their certificates extended until August 31, 2021.

Who will be next?

When Hilton Honors make a move… others will pay attention! I wouldn’t be surprised if Marriott Bonvoy extends its status extension offer from the Greater Chinese area to a worldwide status extension, considering the situation. Hyatt already announced a status extension a few weeks ago, so it will be interesting to see what plays out.


Hilton Honors status can be very valuable; I’ve been enjoying the perks of Diamond for a few years now and definitely love the benefits it has given me. The extensions on offer are rather generous, so this is definitely welcome news!


Immanuel Debeer

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