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Chad S | 07/03/2019

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A long-running partnership that exists in the aviation club lounge market, is the ongoing venture between Regus (a company offering flexible office space around the world) and Dragon Pass (a global airport lounge network similar to Priority Pass).

A joint combination of the two programs allows you to access 100’s of lounges, including all those in the Plaza Premium Lounge variety at prices up to 40% off. With the average cost coming in at $35AUD.

So how does it all work?

Simple. By following the below instructions, you will soon be a member of Dragon Pass and be able to purchase once off lounge passes as mentioned above. The good thing with the DragonPass App is that you are also able to view each airport and what lounges you can access with your pass.

Step 1 – Sign up to Regus

Follow this link and complete the sign up process. The signup page should look like this:

Regus Splash Screen

Step 2 – Obtaining DragonPass Link

Once you are all signed up, you want to then log in to your Regus account and at the top of the page click on “Service & Benefits”. From here, proceed to click on Airport Lounges.

Airport Lounge Link

Step 3 – Sign up with DragonPass

Once you click the above link, you will be taken to an external page where you will be able to sign up to DragonPass. It will also provide more information on the page as to the benefits you get. Simply complete this form and await your activation email. The site also advises you that once registered; you will be provided with a login and a link to download the DragonPass App.

DragonPass sign up link

Step 4 – Download DragonPass and access your lounge passes

Once you receive your email and login details, you want to then go to your favourite App Store (Google Play, Apple etc.) and download the DragonPass App and log in with the above details. Once completed, you will be presented with the home screen of the App where you can search lounges, add your bank card for billing etc.

As you are billed in GBP, I recommend adding a card that incurs 0% international transaction fees.

If you don’t have a card that doesn’t charge 0% on foreign currency; it’s a must (we’re not talking Qantas Money or Velocity Global Wallet – both these options will still charge you around 5% for the privilege). The best option that also earns frequent flyer points is the ANZ Travel Adventures Card which also comes with 40,000 Velocity Points right now. Otherwise good free options (debit cards) are Citi debit card, ING Direct, Macquarie debit card and HSBC everyday global wallet (none of these earns points though).

Once you purchase a pass, it will come in the form of a QR code. Simply present this to your desired lounge, and you will be provided full access!

DragonPass App Home Screen

Step 5 – When and why use DragonPass?

The best use I find out of DragonPass is when you are flying to destinations where you either cannot access your regular club lounge (through airline status) or are flying in economy, and you do not have lounge access included in your fare.

I personally have used Plaza Premium Lounges plenty of times, and find them pretty reasonable compared to say, the Qantas lounge at Melbourne Airport. The best thing would be just to weigh up your options, and if you are in the market for a cheap lounge before a long flight, then definitely consider following the above steps to always have this option available to you!

You can view a full range of lounges and airports via this link:


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