Travelling To Europe? Here’s How To Get Your EU QR Covid Certificate


Immanuel Debeer | 15/11/2021

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Note: This article was first published on October 18th but had been updated since to include the latest working methods.

With borders soon to open for fully vaccinated people, travel will be a thing once again. However, expect a lot of paperwork, testing and QR codes for the foreseeable future.

Having just returned from Europe, I wanted to share how things work there in terms of covid certificates. This is important because Australians looking to flex their fancy green covid pass in Europe will soon find out that it isn’t a valid document. But, not to fear, this guide will show you how you can obtain a valid EU Covid Pass using your Australian vaccination certificate.

How does the covid pass work in Europe?

In Europe, the EU Covid Pass is a standardised format recognised within Europe, the Schengen area and a few other countries. The pass isn’t just for vaccinated people; it’s also for those who have a recent PCR test result or for people who have recovered from covid within the last 6 months.

Most European countries allow entry with either a negative PCR or a vaccine certificate with a recognised European vaccine or if you have covid antibodies (i.e. you recovered).

Certain countries like France or Italy require the EU certificate to participate in daily life, such as visiting restaurants, bars and other places.

All this is possible thanks to a universal QR code that prevents fraud and is easy to scan with dedicated mobile apps. Hence why you will find that no one is familiar with your Australian certificate.

The Solution? Convert Your Australian Cert To EU

Luckily there are a few ways you can convert your Australian vaccine certificate (or any certificate for that matter) to a European recognised pass.

Working Method: Swiss EUDCC

Your non-EU vaccination certificate (such as the Australian one) can be converted into a Swiss EUDCC for a nominal 30 CHF (~AU$44) fee. This can all be done online via

To qualify you need to have either a flight to Switzerland or a local hotel booking (of course refundable bookings are accepted). You will need to upload this information into the portal.

To download the Swiss covid app, you might need to change your phone’s region to Switzerland temporarily in order to download the Swiss “covid certificate” app.

Swiss certificates use the same protocols and standards as the rest of the EU issued green pass known as EUDCC and therefore are accepted throughout the Schengen zone.

Option One: France — Old method

Update: this method is not available anymore, you can however convert your certificate in French pharmacies for a small fee when in France.

Outdated method:

France is one of the strictest places when it comes to having a valid pass, and you won’t be able to do much without it. They have an online process where you can apply for your “Passe Sanitaire”. You can apply via this website.

Here are the requirements:

  • You are from a country which is not one of the following countries: European Union Member States, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, or United Kingdom (England and Wales only)You are aged 18 or over. Until 30 September 2021, the COVID certificate is not required for minors aged 12 to 17 years, and minors aged under 12 years old are not subject to COVID certificate requirements;

You have been vaccinated with a vaccine which is accepted by the European Medicines Agency:

  • 4 weeks if you received a one-dose injection (Johnson&Johnson);
  • 7 days after the second injection for two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
  • 7 days after the injection if you have recovered from COVID-19 (in this case, only one dose is necessary);


  • You are already in France or you intend on going there within the coming days.

You will be asked to create an account, upload your documentation and within 2 weeks or so; you should receive your “Passe Sanitaire”.

While technically this is designed for French tourists, this pass will work anywhere in Europe since the QR code is universal. In terms of providing proof of your flights to France, you can simply submit a dummy booking.

Option Two: Switzerland — Old method

Update: see the working Swiss method above.

Outdated method:

The Swiss are masters of efficiency, and they are currently doing the certificates at no cost to all passport holders. This includes those with European passports who might have gotten their vaccine abroad. My friend Andrew from Mainly Miles shared this tip, and it’s probably the fastest process right now. You will also need travel details but you can easily generate a dummy ticket to Switzerland if you don’t plan to actually go there.

Here’s the process:

  • Download the COVID Certificate Switzerland app (if you don’t download the app you will need a Swiss phone number and email address).
  • Generate a “transfer code” in the app
  • Visit:
  • Complete all the steps, on the website, upload your AU certificate (the PDF version you can download; digital wallet screenshot won’t cut it).
  • Enter the transfer code you received in the app and submit!

Andrew from Mainly Miles received his pass within 48h which was much faster compared to the French.

How To Add The Pass To Your Digital Wallet?

If you have an iPhone, it’s convenient to add the pass to your Apple wallet unless you want to keep the Swiss app etc. There’s a website that does this conversion for you and creates a digital version of the QR code, which is readable by any scanner in Europe. The website is called and while it’s not an official site, they are run by a legitimate company that specialises in creating digital wallet products for a range of high-end customers such as Mastercard etc. It’s just something to keep in mind when submitting your private medical data.

Summing Up

These are just 2 ways of obtaining an EU certificate, if you’re travelling soon but don’t have one: don’t stress! You will need a negative PCR to enter Europe anyway so that will trump your vaccine certificate in most cases. On a separate note, once you have the EU QR code you should be able to upload it to a variety of different EU country based apps (if that’s important to you).
Most countries offer a similar service when you visit a local pharmacy or GP with your AU covid certificate.


Right after I posted this guide, an update came out for an updated version of the Australian covid certificate. This new edition features a QR code that is readable by foreign countries so I assume they followed the same standard as the European QR code. It will be available from Tuesday 19th October via your MyGov account.

Update: It’s been widely reported that the Australian QR code is not in line with EUDCC, this means your Australian travel certificate is somewhat useless abroad.


Immanuel Debeer

Chief points nerd and travel hacker at Flight Hacks

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  1. Unfortunately in EU you will still need to get EU QR code in order to be able to go for dinner etc… so you need to use the Swiss way to get EU QR because the AU QR is only for international travels

  2. My wife is currently in Europe. She tried to use the AU international QR code but it’s not recognized anywhere.
    I’ve just tried the Swiss app, let’s see what happens.

    • Yep, unfortunately, it seems the AU one doesn’t actually work in Europe. The Swiss or French option will do the trick. Or in Germany, you can get your international one converted in a pharmacy.

  3. Just want to say thank you for this article!
    followed the steps for the swiss QR code and less than 4 hours later i had the swiss QR code

  4. Hi Guys I just tried both Swiss methods.

    First option via the online website I put in my details (arrival address and type of vaccine) and it said:

    “With your specific conditions you are not authorized to receive a Swiss COVID-19 certificate using this platform. You should get in touch with your canton.”

    Second option using the transfer code via the app it accepted the details but then says

    TODO texte confirmation

    I did not put in a mobile number however .. any ideas what I am doing wrong in either case ?

    • Update to this – I used an address in Zurich instead of Geneva and it got me through all the way to the documents screen but its asking for proof of travel ie flight booking confirmation or similar which I don’t have yet.

      Anyone tried this method using some sort of dummy booking ? I’m actually entering Europe via Italy and was just going to catch a train into Switzerland but haven’t booked any of that yet.

      • Hi Adrian, most people use a dummy booking if the travel plans don’t actually involve Switzerland or if they will enter via rail/road. There are a bunch of services that offer dummy flight tickets (they exist because a lot of countries require a flight out of the country as part of the visa conditions) a quick google will bring them up. Alternatively, you can do it free by reserving a flight via a travel agent which will give you all the details you need and they last for 72h before it’s cancelled due to non payment — unless you proceed to ticket. Just be aware that you will be wasting the TA’s time so use something like Amex travel which is paid for by your annual fees etc. Alternatively, book a refundable flight and just cancel the ticket once you got what you need.

      • Does the Swiss QR code really work in Australia? Does anyone know how this works in practice/how do I get it into an app that can be scanned in restaurants etc in Australia? I was vaccinated in Switzerland so have the Swiss certificate and will soon be finally returning home to Melbourne to see family. The online info seems to suggest you have to see a Dr to get your international cert recognised, then have a whole suite of accounts and linked apps (AIR, Medicare, MyGov, Services Australia….)

        • I don’t think you will have a problem using it in Australia. Just say you’re visiting and that should be that. If you want, you can go through the effort of getting it added to AIR. For this, you will need either a Medicare card/number or an individual health care identifier number. With those details, you can pop into any pharmacy that does vaccinations (or GP) and they can add the details to the system. Once that’s done, you will be able to get the AU covid pass in either paper form or via the app.

          • Thanks so much for the guide and advice. Like others, I was unsuccessful with the original Swiss process but applied yesterday through the new link – providing just a hotel confirmation (I booked a fully refundable stay) and this morning have woken up to a shiny Swiss certificate in my app! We are going to Sweden and Germany next month so this takes a massive load of worry off, thank you!

          • Amazing! You’ll need it in Germany but the Swedes don’t require them while in Sweden although it’s probably helpful to get into the country.

          • Hi Immanuel,
            After finally finding and downloading the Swiss Covid Certification app, it won’t recognise either the pdf download or the qr code for the International Covid Certification issued by the Australian government.
            Do you know if anyone else has faced this, or is it just my typical luck?

          • Hi Paul, the app is just to generate the transfer code which you then input on the website prior to payment.

  5. Ah oh, looks like you can’t apply for a “Passe Sanitaire” online anymore (unless you are a student). “Foreign nationals, excluding students, [can apply] with pharmacies on French territory” (link below).

    Given we aren’t visiting CH… any other thoughts on how to obtain an EU-DCC?

    • In regards to getting EU-DCC, you can get it in some German pharmacies as well. But Swiss is the easiest because you can just pay the fee and submit a dummy ticket to “qualify” and obtain your cert that way.

  6. Hey! I’m an Australian travelling with the International Vaccination Certificate. In Berlin, two pharmacists refused to give me the EU version, one saying they need a signed document from a doctor, and another pharmacist said I needed to pay taxes.

    The Swiss method requested evidence of both accomodation showing my name, and the date I arrived in Switzerland. I emailed back merely my booking name, but not any evidence of arrival in Switzerland. After two days they accepted my application, and now I’ve got myself a shiny EU QR code.

    Hopefully this will make travelling a bit smoother!

  7. Hi Immanuel 🙂 just saw your post and it’s been super helpful.

    I’m another Aussie traveller intending to travel around Europe via transiting UK. not sure if you can help me but I was just wondering if I won’t need additional tests between countries if I get my hands on the EU QR code?

  8. Thanks Immanuel. This is incredibly helpful. Do you know whether the booking details need to be co-terminus with the dates one requires for the EU QR code? Ie, if I’m going to Europe for 4 weeks, should the booking submitted to the Swiss site show flights in/out of Switzerland the correlate to the start and end of that 4 week period? Also, would a hotel or other booking also be needed for the whole 4 weeks? Presumably most longer term visitors would be travelling around Switzerland and so would typically have a number of bookings around the country.

    • Hey Brett, the EU pass doesn’t have an expiry date (I believe it refreshes every 6 months based on vaccination dates unless they change the rules again…) so you can get it whenever. I’d recommend anyone to get it sooner rather than later because once it catches on it might be more expensive or take much longer to process.

  9. Thanks for the info! Is the pass valid from when they approve or when you arrive in Switzerland (i.e. hotel/flight booking in December)?

  10. Hi Immanuel,

    Brief update – I uploaded an accommodation booking for Zurich (fully cancellable), paid the 30 CHF and received a PDF of my EU covid certificate by email within 24 hours. I’ve also uploaded it to my Apple wallet per your directions above and imported it into the Swiss App by scanning the code on the PDF (having neglected to generate the “transfer code” before ordering). All worked a charm. It’s valid for 12 months from the date of my second vaccination. The certificate indicates that it is “only valid in combination with an identity document” so I guess I’ll be carrying my passport everywhere just in case!

    Many thanks again for your work on this. As far as I can tell after an hour or so on Google, this is the only article that provides practical guidance on obtaining the cert for Australians travelling to Europe. Cheers Brett

    • Thanks for sharing Brett, I’m sure this will be very helpful to others! In terms of ID, I believe it’s a requirement generally in Europe to carry ID but don’t expect anyone to ask you. You’ll only need it to prove your identity to officials. I’ve never been asked for ID in bars, restaurants or other places like that.

  11. Thanks for the article, Immanuel!

    So just to confirm, the travel vax certificate with the QR code the Australian government has given us is okay to enter Europe?

    But when going to attractions, bars and restaurants etc in countries like France and Italy they’re not accepting it and you need the EU digital certificate?

    For those who have gone / are going without the EU digital certificate, has it been impossible to get into places or have some places been happy to accept the Aus government certificate?

    I see that vax certificates from some non-EU countries are integrated into the EU system so hopefully the Australian one is added soon.


    • Hi Sam, yes the AU one is fine to enter countries. However, on the ground, you might find that the AU certificate doesn’t get you far. Of course, it will depend on who you deal with but it’s much easier to have the EUDC to move around Europe and have a hassle-free experience.

    • I see the NZ certificate is now connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate. You would think it’s only a matter of time before Australia joins. But having seen the inability of our elected representatives to get Covid standardisation across our own country, the 30CHF seems reasonable to guarantee access now.

  12. Thanks for the article Immanuel.
    Just wondering if you know about Norway? It says that it will accept travellers with the EU digital certificate, but nothing about the Australian one. What would happen if you rocked up at the airport in Oslo with the EU pass and an Australian passport do you think?

    • Hi Phil, I have no doubt they will accept your AU certificate. In fact, they most likely won’t even check on arrival. On international flights, the check-in staff are responsible for making sure you have the right documents so if you depart in Australia they would be happy with your AU cert. Once in Norway, I don’t believe they have a covid pass system in place like some European countries.

      • Is travel to Norway from Australia even possible right now? I’ve had flights booked since October and have just found out that Australia isn’t on their list of purple countries? Alongside the AU cert not being accepted as it’s not an EU one. Do you know if travel is allowed there from here right now via London? Or if I’d have to stay in another country in the EU before being allowed to enter?

      • Hi,
        Regarding Norway, I wish that was the case!
        I just heard back from the Norwegian embassy in Canberra and this is what said.

        “…Dear Paul Kennedy,
        We refer to your enquiry below.
        Please be advised that Australia is not a “purple” country and has not been so since 25 September. The classification of countries is updated every week. For the latest update, please see Changes to entry restrictions for several countries and areas – It is the classification of a country at the time of arrival in Norway which determine if a person is eligible to enter.

        With regards to the Australian vaccine certificate, we are aware that Australia is issuing a certificate for international travel. However, this certificate is not recognised for travel to Norway. The Norwegian authorities currently only accept vaccine certificates linked to the EU system. For information about which countries’ certificate are linked to the EU system, please see EU Digital COVID Certificate | European Commission (

        I was flying into Norway after spending 3 days in Holland.
        My Dutch friends have informed me that getting the right EU QR digital code has been a nightmare for some Dutch people, so just popping into a pharmacy and asking for one will probably be a fail.
        I’m supposed to be spending 2 weeks in Norway.
        It’s a long way to go to discover they won’t let me in!

        Thanks for the info you’ve given Immanuel. If you happen to get any more info regarding Norway, it’d be most appreciated!

        • Hi Paul very good info! Getting the Swiss certificate for a small fee will be the way to go because from what I know, you won’t be able to get on in Holland (other than temporary testing one). The Norwegian site states you need a EUDCC to enter the country. It also states vaccinated people are exempt from the country colour code rules. So my take on this is that the code is irrelevant if you are vaccinated and have a EUDCC.

        • Hey Paul,
          Have you heard any more on Norway?
          I realised last night the same thing you did and I have two weeks planned in Jan too!
          We are a grey country which is unusual, given we are the most vaccinated country in the world… New Zealanders are allowed in.

          Looks like if you can get an EUDCC you can get in though…

          It feels like someone has just forgot to get Australia added to the green list.

          Let me know if you have discovered anything else.

          Thanks, D

          • Hi Dean,
            I’m sorry but I only just returned to this site tonight. I’m doing 12 hour days in Melbourne on a rail shut-down and all I can do when I get back to my hotel is eat and sleep.
            I have a fatigue day on Friday and I’ll be making this “Swiss option” an absolute priority.
            I’ll let you know how it goes.
            Immanuel, I gota say, if I hadn’t stumbled across your advice, I would have already given up on this trip.
            The last 2 years have been particularly difficult for me, and this trip means more to me than you could possibly imagine.
            Many, many “good karma credits” coming your way!
            Cheers, Paul

        • Hi Paul/Immanuel,

          Thank you for this information. It’s been very valuable. I’m supposed to be travelling to Norway on the 29th Nov for business, but then realized the non valid Aussie cert issue. I called the embassy earlier today before finding this article, and they confirmed what you’ve said above. The person I spoke to was very helpful though and mentioned that he’d heard people were obtaining their EU Covid Pass through via the Swiss, and here I am.

          I’m curious to know if anybody that’s obtained their pass have been able to enter and use it successfully when combined with an Aussie passport? Is this all legit? As others have said, it’s a very long way to fly to find out that it doesn’t work…

          Thanks in advance

          • Hi Robert, yes it’s definitely legit. The passport you hold is irrelevant. Cheers, Immanuel.

          • Hi Robert,
            If you’re still going ahead with your trip on Nov 29, could you please indicate if you were successful 8n getting in to Norway?
            Fingers crossed for all of us!
            Good luck!

  13. Thanks for the article, Immanuel.
    Wondering if you know about Norway. They say that travellers with a valid EU Covid certificate are allowed in with no need to quarantine etc, but helpfully, the Australian pass is not accepted. What would happen if you turned up at the airport in Oslo with an EU certificate and an Australian passport do you think? Or even just flew into Finland, who does recognise it, and drove across the border or something?
    Would be great if countries could just coordinate on one rational set of rules!

    • I highly doubt anyone would check you if you’re driving. The same goes for Europe, only air travel is required to have a green pass. Finland is more strict than Norway I’ve been told, I believe they do require a covid pass of either negative test or vaccine to get into places.

  14. Hi Immanuel,
    Many thanks for the great advice and links for Swiss EUDC acquisition.

    We’re booked to enter Europe via Sweden in December and will travel to various countries for 3 weeks. I just tried the Swiss Option 2, entering my details, my Australian COVID certificate and a hotel booking in Zurich (fully refundable). The site only asked or the vaccine certificate and proof of stay in Switzerland so we didn’t add flights etc., just the hotel booking. I then put in the transfer code from the app and the site took me to a page with “TODO texte confirmation”. Nowhere was I asked to pay anything. Is there anything else I am meant to do or do I just wait now?


    • Hmmm if you didn’t pay I don’t think you went for the right option. Give it a couple of days and see if the pass pops up in the app?

    • Hi John,

      I’m attempting this method and can’t get past the TODO texte confirmation page. Would you mind walking me through how you managed it step by step?

  15. Hi Evelyn,
    I haven’t had any response from the site since I got to the “TODO texte confirmation” page. Immanuel suggested I wait a couple of days to see if it passes but nothing has happened yet. What surprised me is that there was no request for payment before I got to this page. The app on my phone just says “Wait for transfer”. Not sure what to do now…

    • Hi John, I might be wrong but I think that if you didn’t get to the payment stage, something went wrong so it’s probably easiest to try again. I don’t think you need to have the Swiss app if you follow the updated method.

      • Hi Paul, I’ve updated the guide as it was becoming a bit messy with all the old methods. I’ve listed the only working procedure and link to the Swiss site at the top. I can see where you went wrong, just start the process again via this site you will see that the final step (step 5) is the payment page. You will only need a hotel booking (refundable) or a flight booking (refundable ok).

        • Hi Immanuel,
          I tried again using the website and it worked perfectly – I had my Swiss QR code certificate within 12 h. Do you know if any one has actually tried using the Swiss QR code certificate anywhere in Europe?

          • Hi John, nice work! Yes, the Swiss certificate is recognised throughout Europe and the Schengen zone.

  16. Hi everyone, this has been the most useful article in the whole of google. Can anyone confirm they have actually managed to enter european countries using the Australian ICVC at border security? or are we going of data on the internet. just want to be sure ICVC works once i reach the airport (i am flying to athens, germany, italy and UK). For moving between the islands in such as santorini from athens i assume its the same process with ICVC at airport and green pass to travel around?

    • Your Australian certificate should be fine at most international borders but it’s not accepted on the ground in Europe. Paying the CHF30 will be a guaranteed way to have a seamless travel experience within Europe.

  17. Hey just a heads up, I used the old (free) switzeland method on 19 November with no payment, use Swiss hotel address (no proof) & uploaded aus international cert, got Swiss covid pass in under 36 hrs

  18. I am not traveling to the EU until June 2022. I am thinking I will wait until March 22 to see what has changed etc. My question is, will you keep updating this page until then and do you think I am right to wait.

    • Hey Ann, to be honest, there’s no benefit in waiting. I can see a few possible outcomes: either AU certificate updates their technology to be in line with EUDCC standard, Swiss decide it’s too much hassle to offer it to tourists, other countries decide to make some money out of the scheme and offer their own service. IMO the most likely outcome is that Swiss also moves it offline once it becomes mainstream knowledge.
      The time you apply for your certificate is irrelevant because the validity is based on your last vaccination date. As for updates, yep I will keep this page updated or post new versions as things change.

  19. Thankyou VERY much Immanuel you have saved us days of painful research (although I only stumbled upon yours after wasted day 2). Much appreciated!
    As South Africans we got ours within 5 minutes.

  20. Thank you, Immanuel. Used the updated system and worked. Just wanted to let people know that if a few of you are travelling, then there needs to be a booking which shows each separate name. My son was rejected initially as despite uploading a hotel booking, it was in my name. I made a booking in his name and they accepted that. When they reject you they send an email which you can reply to and you have days to respond, so no need to pay again.
    I tried calling DFAT and the Passport office to tell them what a joke their certificate was and that it was pointless having an International Australian certificate if you can’t use. They predicatably said that the problem was not Australia’s but all they other countires. I had to laugh. Any point going to the media?

    • Hey Andy, glad you got it sorted! Yes, the Australian International certificate is a bit of a joke. No idea why they couldn’t look at Europe for advice… oh well.

  21. Just received my French certificate (I requested it before they changed to the paid pharmacy system) but there are some strange things happening with it.
    It scans as valid in France, Germany and Switzerland (3 places I checked) but it can’t be confirmed as valid in Finland. When I uploaded it to the German CovPass app it says I was vaccinated in Germany. So I guess the EU QR code still has some gremlins to work out as well.

  22. I tried Swiss outdated method as someone said above they could get through but my status still “Wait for transfer” after 48hrs. Maybe I should give up and try the paid method? I used Geneva’s hotel address.

    • Hi Jo – how did you get past the “TODO texte confirmation” issue? I believe earlier you mentioned in another comment you encountered this problem, but it now seems you’ve passed it and got to the waiting stage?

      • I mean when I applied on the website, it was stopping at “TODO texte confirmation” and on the app is Wait for transfer, like almost 3 days. I will try paid method today and see how.

          • I used paid method and got it within 1hrs. Probably I applied early morning Swiss time. It seems they just want a bit $$ :)). I got Swiss and EU cert now. So shame on Australia one 🙁

          • Hi, i did the paid method 6 days ago, with a refundable hotel booking but have not heard back till now- should i be worried and contact them?

  23. Hi Immanuel
    I’m an Aussie duel national (have both a Greek and Australian passports)!
    I read above that the vaccination certificate issued in Melbourne is useless in Europe!
    Where can I find more information on this?

  24. Hi I’m an Aussie Dual National (GR and Au). I read above that the Aussie vaccine passport is useless in Europe. How do I make my vaccine passport compatible with Europe? Thanks in advance

  25. Hi again Immanuel,
    I following your latest “Swiss” option and for some reason, when I search the play store for “COVID Certificate Switzerland”, all I’m getting are about 10 various Australian covid certification apps appearing.
    I’m not particularly tech savvy, but I don’t understand how I could be screwing this up.
    Could you please suggest what I’m doing wrong?
    Paul Kennedy

    • Hi Paul, on Apple iPhone, open the app store, tap your profile picture in the top right corner, tap your name, tap “country/Region”, change it to Switzerland. Go back to the app store, search for “covid certificate” and download the app (blue and red logo) with publisher listed as “Federal Office of Public Health FOPH”. Once you’ve done that, you can switch back to the Australia app store.

  26. Just a silly question relate to Covid and entry requirements. How we gonna do antigen test for entry please? Do we need to book at a clinic or book a virtual call with some clinics to get a confirmation?

  27. Hi, as of 26 Nov, some part of Spain now required a Covid pass (based on the EU Digital covid cert) to enter restaurants, bars etc. Any idea how Australian can get a covid pass for Spain?

  28. I followed the suggested route and received the following message the next day:

    Your application for a Swiss COVID-19 certificate was processed by the canton and rejected for the following reason:

    Unfortunately we could not check your application correctly. We kindly ask you to resubmit your request and apologize for the inconvenience. Your payment will be refunded to you within the next days.

    Do you have any insights as to where I might have gone wrong?

    • Can’t tell what you did wrong since I don’t know what data you provided them… did you use the wrong postcode for the hotel? Ie. didn’t match the location?

  29. Sometimes we have to accept the price of convenience… Australia might get itself sorted in the coming weeks/months or likewise the Swiss method/loophole may close leaving Aussies in a predicament.
    Have just ordered mine through the Swiss method for travel in January – appreciate the advice and effort Immanuel.

  30. Thanks mate, life saver! God bless Switzerland! Just got bailed out when it arrived just as a German security guard wondered what to do with my Australian certificate…

    • Wow talk about timing! Germans were about to go: nein, nein, nein! And for the first time in history, the Swiss came to your aid. Fantastic 😀

  31. Hey Immanuel!
    I received my Swiss Covid Certification 24 hours after applying through the process you suggested.
    You have completely salvaged my Christmas plans in Norway!
    Thank you so much!
    Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2022!
    You’re an absolute legend!

  32. Does anyone happen to know how the Swiss vaccine passport can be updated to show the 3rd ‘Booster’ jab, or is it a case of applying/paying again once the 3rd is done?

    Thanks CE

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