The Best International Covid Travel Insurance Plans In 2022


Tom Goward | 08/06/2022

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Covid travel insurance is now a standard travel requirement since Australia dropped its international travel restrictions, meaning avid travellers can jet off for an overseas holiday without seeking an exemption. This is fantastic news for anyone ready to release their inner travel bug (just make sure you get adequate covid 19 travel insurance), with Australia’s widespread border restrictions now removed as we enter the post-pandemic travel age.

While the removal of hard borders is fantastic news, we aren’t out of the woods just yet. Regulations in Australia and overseas continue to change at short notice, with the onus on travellers to keep updated with the requirements of airlines, transit and destination countries, as well as restrictions when returning to Australia.

As such, it has never been more important to purchase travel insurance covid and ensure appropriate coverage. Here, we reveal the best options for Covid-19 travel insurance in Australia.

Top 3: Best Covid Travel Insurance Australia

  1. Cover-More – highly rated covid travel insurance provider (click here to get the latest deals)
  2. Fast Cover – great travel insurance covid cover and discounts (click here to get the latest deals)
  3. Travel Insurance Saver – good travel insurance covid and affordable pricing. (click here to get the latest deals)

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Covid-19?

As some countries begin to mandate travel insurance that includes pandemic cover, several leading travel insurers have updated their plans to offer cover for Covid-19. Some policies will only cover medical and repatriation costs if you find yourself with the spicy cough overseas, while other plans come with cover for cancellation costs.

Although it’s always wise to read the fine print, these days many insurers will cover cancellation or amendment costs if you get Covid before or during your trip, or have to isolate at home as a close contact.

Not all insurers and policies are the same so be sure to check the exclusions and limits before departing. In particular, keep in mind that;

  • Although you hold a cancellation policy, your insurer might exclude cancellation expenses for quarantine if you’re deemed a close contact overseas
  • Some policies will limit cancellation cover to a low dollar amount
  • Your insurer might exclude cancellation cover for general travel restrictions such as lockdowns

The Small Print: Check Your PDS For Travel Insurance Covid!

Most of the time we are all too trigger happy with the “I have read and understood the terms and conditions” checkbox. But in a pandemic world, checking over your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is essential. Without it, you’d have no idea what you are actually covered for.

Every travel insurance policy is slightly different, and selecting the wrong policy might be just as bad as having no cover at all. So, if you don’t have time to read the entire PDS, at the very least be on the lookout for the following:

Table of benefits: a general summary of what you are covered for

  • Exclusions: anything that is not covered by
  • Policy cover: outlines what the insurer will and won’t pay in the event of a claim
  • Pre-existing conditions: those health conditions that might not be covered

International Travel Insurance Checklist

You may wish to consider the below points, and if they relate to your personal situation, before purchasing travel insurance.

  • Does your destination mandate a minimum dollar amount of coverage?
  • Are you covered if you can’t travel?
  • Have you covered any layovers on the way to your destination?
  • Will you be insured throughout the full duration of your trip and can you extend your policy if you decide to remain overseas for longer than planned?
  • If you have booked a cruise, does your insurer cover multi-night cruises?
  • Are you covered for costs induced by government travel bans, border closures, or mandatory isolation at your destination?
  • Are you covered if a loved one contracts Covid-19 and you decide to return earlier than planned?

How To Select The Best Travel Insurance Plan

Finding the best travel insurance policy for you is straightforward so long as you know what you want to be covered. Be sure to compare brands side-by-side to ensure you’re taking out the best possible travel insurance for your trip, at a competitive price.

Single Trip vs Annual Policies – Does Travel Insurance Cover Covid?

Single trip policies are best suited to those who don’t plan on travelling much throughout the next year, or those going on a single long trip (as annual most policies cap trip length). Annual or multi-trip is a jet-setter’s best bet as the provider will provide cover for travel several times in a year. This will generally work out cheaper than buying a single trip policy for every individual trip during the year. And yes, most travel insurance will now cover covid!

Decide what you need – Travel Insurance Covid Cover Australia

Before you select a travel insurance provider policy, consider situations where you must have cover, as well as those where it would be nice to have cover but may not be essential. For example:


  • Covid-19 coverage
  • Medical expenses
  • Flight cancellations
  • Trip disruption and cancellation
  • Luggage and personal effects
  • Passport and travel documents
  • Personal liability

Worth considering

  • Rental car excess
  • Travel delays
  • Luggage delays
  • Cash theft
  • Loss of income
  • Accidental death
  • Pet care

The Best Covid-19 Travel Insurance – Our Top 3 Picks

Covermore Travel Insurance Covid

Covermore Promo Code

As one of the most popular choices when it comes to covid travel insurance, Cover-More has been around as a trusted provider for over 35 years. Cover-More offers both domestic and international travel insurance, including selected cover for Covid-19 related claims Cover-More is the number 1 rates travel insurance with covid cover.

Cover-More travel insurance policies are underwritten by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited, after joining forces with them in 2017. Covermore offers excellent covid travel insurance for Bali and Thailand.

Tip: Save on travel insurance with our Cover-More promo codes here!

Fast Cover – International Travel Insurance Covid

As the name suggests, Fast Cover provides travel insurance that is simple and speedy. They are a highly rated Australian based provider that covers domestic and international trips. That includes coverage for Covid-19 if you or your listed travel companion contracts Covid-19 while on holiday.

Fast Cover’s travel insurance policies are underwritten by Hollard, the same underwriter trusted by other large insurance retailers.

Tip: Save on travel insurance with our Fast Cover promo codes here!

Travel Insurance Saver – International Travel Insurance With Covid Cover

Travel Insurance Saver is backed by nib Group, the third-largest travel insurance provider in Australia offering covid cover travel insurance. You can select from domestic and international coverage, including

Tip: Save on travel insurance with our Travel Insurance Saver deals here!

Travel Insurance Bali Covid

If you’re heading to Bali or anywhere in Indonesia, you are required to have suitable travel covid insurance for Bali. To enter Bali, you need US$25,000 worth of travel insurance Bali covid. The #1 provider for Bali travel insurance is Cover-More. Make sure you get covid insurance before travelling otherwise you might not be covered!

Domestic Travel Insurance Covid

If you’re travelling domestically, it’s best to be covered with a domestic covid travel insurance policy. This will help you get reimbursed in case you have to cancel a trip due to covid or if there are flight cancellations. Cover More travel insurance covid will help you cover for the unexpected but you can also try other services such as Fast Cover which have excellent deals.

Will your credit card cover covid travel insurance?

Most premium credit cards have travel insurance policies included, however, there are many terms and conditions you should be aware of so make sure to read the terms and conditions of your card! Some cards such as American Express now offer specific wording regarding covid travel insurance and the cover can definitely work for some people. Generally speaking you need to pay for your return trip using your credit card before the insurance is activated.



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