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Immanuel Debeer | 06/09/2023

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Sims Direct are one of the leading travel sim card providers in Australia. They offer a range of physical and eSims for use in Europe, UK, US, Middle East, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand to name a few. Using a travel sim is a no-brainer in our book as it saves you on expensive roaming fees. In addition, using a travel sim can unlock proper internet speeds when abroad as many telcos around the world are known for throttling international roaming devices.

Right now and until Friday, September 8th, Sims Direct is running its “SIMTEMBER” sale. This means you can score a very healthy 25% off all SIM cards.

Even if you’re not travelling soon, you can still stock up as you can select the activation date of the SIM card for a date in the future; handy!

To get a travel sim, click here.

Destination/RegionData AmountDurationSale Price
Europe & UK12GB30 Days$26.25
USA6GB30 Days$36.75
New Zealand10GB30 Days$36.75
Japan10GB30 Days$33.75
Europe & UK (Another variant)19GB28 Days$37.50
USA (Unlimited Data)Unlimited30 Days$63.75
South East Asia10GB30 Days$33.75

To find these deals, check out this page on Sims Direct before the end of the week!



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