The 5 Best Ways To Spend 100,000 Velocity Points


Immanuel Debeer | 08/07/2019

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Earning frequent flyer points is sometimes easier than spending them so you might be left wondering what those points can get you?

Fear no longer, we’ve put together our top 5 ways to spend 100,000 Velocity Points (or thereabouts) in style! Of course, you could waste them on economy flights (100k points could get you 12 one way flights from Melbourne to Sydney!), but there’s no fun in that so we’ll focus instead on business and first class flights.

Virgin Australia Business Class to LAX

On the Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne routes to LAX, you can enjoy the Virgin Australia 777 with features one of the best business class seats in the sky. Apart from a fully flat bed, you can also spend some time at the bar on-board Virgin’s long haul 777 aircraft.

Although it’s hard to find availability on these routes (they are super popular!), it can be done, so our pro tip is to set seat alerts by using Expert Flyer.

  • Cost: 95,500 Velocity Points (one way) + taxes

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites to Singapore

I have a soft spot for Singapore Airlines and their first class product is next level. You will be making “tough” choices such as which champagne you prefer: Dom or Krug? And if that’s not hard enough, you can also pre-order special meals such as lobster or a rack of lamb when you fly to Singapore from Sydney or Melbourne in style.

The trick to booking Singapore Airlines first class using your Velocity Frequent Flyer points is to call the Velocity bookings number on 13 18 75 since these seats can’t be reserved online.

  • Cost: 95,000 Velocity Points (one way) + taxes

Virgin Australia to Hong Kong in Business Class

One of the best uses for Velocity Points is without a doubt when you spend them on a business class ticket to Hong Kong.

You can snap up these seats from both Sydney and Melbourne and availability is pretty good!

While the A330 doesn’t have a bar, it does have flatbed seats, outstanding service and great food!

  • Cost: 59,500 Velocity Points (one way) + taxes

Perth to South Africa in business class

Virgin Australia has a range of unique partner airlines, and one of those is South African Airlines. You can hop aboard their A340 from Perth to Johannesburg for the 11h flight.

While the business class product on this route is a bit dated and in a 2-2-2 configuration, it’s definitely not bad value and an easy way to get to South Africa.

  • Cost: 78,000 Velocity Points (one way) + taxes

Etihad Business Class to Abu Dhabi

Another option to redeem your Velocity Points is to use them for flights in business or first class with Etihad Airways.

You can hop over to Abu Dhabi aboard their fantastic A380 in the business studio or splurge on your own first class apartment in the sky complete with shower and a double bed for couples.

  • Cost: 104,000 Velocity Points in business or 152,500 in first class (one way) + taxes


There are plenty more ways you can spend your Velocity Points but here we’ve highlighted 5 nice examples to get you started!

By maximising credit card sign up bonuses it’s very easy to boost your Velocity Points balance fast. The latest offer from American Express for example could see you earn up to 100,000 bonus points when you apply via this page by 15 July 2019, are approved and meet the minimum spend criteria – that’s 25,000 points for each month you spend $1,000 in the first 4 months. To get this deal click here or if you want to read our comprehensive card review, click here.


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