Velocity Resumes KrisFlyer Transfers And Modifies Partner Redemptions


Tom Goward | 06/07/2022

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Here’s some brilliant news for Velocity Frequent Flyer members, and another announcement that was expected, but still stings. Either way now is the perfect time to put your Velocity Points to good use.

In positive news, Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines have joined forces to bring back transfers between their loyalty programs, Velocity and KrisFlyer. Also making a return is the ability to book Premium Economy Reward seating on Singapore Airlines using Velocity Points. First Class and Suites redemptions on Singapore Airlines are still in the works, but reportedly not too far from returning.

But with that comes the introduction of a new carrier charge when booking Velocity Reward Seats for travel with Singapore Airlines. In some cases, the taxes will be more than double the current levels. Furthermore, the points required for some Business Class Rewards with selected partner airlines are set to increase. We’ve got three months until these changes kick in from October 2022, so there is plenty of time to plan your reward travel now and lock in the best deals.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Velocity Resumes KrisFlyer Transfers

From Tuesday 19 July 2022, Velocity Frequent Flyer and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer will resume transfers between the two programs. You’ll have the option to transfer Velocity Points to KrisFlyer Miles, or KrisFlyerMiles to Velocity Points.

The useful feature will work as before with an ‘exchange rate’ of 1.55:1, and a minimum of 5,000 Points/Miles required per transfer. That transferred stash of KrisFlyer Miles could then be used to access Singapore Airlines’ full inventory of award seats across the Star Alliance network, as well as to upgrade into the pointy end.

For every 1.55 Velocity Points transferred you’ll receive 1 KrisFlyer Mile, and similarly, for every 1.55 KrisFlyer Miles transferred you’ll receive 1 Velocity Point.

How To Transfer Velocity Points Into KrisFlyer Miles

  1. Log in to your Velocity account.
  2. Select the profile window in the top right and then click “My Velocity”.
  3. Click “Link & Transfer” in the menu bar, then “Airline Points Transfer”.
  4. Select to link your KrisFlyer account and enter your details
  5. Now your accounts are linked you can select “Transfer Now”.
  6. Enter the number of poins you wish to convert and confirm to complete your transaction.

How To Transfer KrisFlyer Miles Into Velocity Points

  1. Log in to your KrisFlyer account.
  2. Mouse over “PPS Club/KrisFlyer” from the top navigation and click “Other ways to redeem miles”.
  3. Scroll down until you find Velocity and then click “Convert your KrisFlyer miles to Velocity Points”.
  4. Link your accounts by selecting “Proceed” under “To convert, link your favourite partner programmes now”.
  5. Click on “Select Airline Partner” and then “Virgin Australia – Velocity”
  6. Enter your Velocity membership number and click “Add and Link”.
  7. Now your accounts are linked you can select “Airline Partner” followed by “Virgin Australia – Velocity”.
  8. Enter the number of miles you wish to convert and confirm to complete your transaction.

New Singapore Airlines Carrier Charges

Airlines worldwide are taking advantage to dramatically increase carrier charges at the moment. As such, they are turning their most valuable asset into something which offers progressively less and less to members.

Unfortunately, Velocity Frequent Flyer will be introducing a carrier charge for Singapore Airlines reward seat bookings made from 5 October 2022. The carrier charge applies per person, per sector. For example, booking a return trip from Sydney to London via Singapore for two travellers will incur eight doses of the new charge.

Using that same example, the taxes on a Singapore Airlines Business Reward from Sydney to Singapore will jump by almost 140% to AU$450, up from AU$188. Continue on to London and you’ll need AU$1,168 where before the taxes were less than half that at AU$572.

While no one likes a fee increase, at least Velocity’s carrier charges with Singapore Airlines won’t be as bad as those with Etihad Airways. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

Velocity Frequent Flyer Adds Carrier Charges For Singapore Airlines

Be sure to lock in any future travel before 5 October 2022 to avoid the new carrier charges. Existing bookings modified after this date will also be subject to the new fees and your reservation might need to be cancelled and re-booked to include the additional cost.

Velocity To Modify Partner Reward Table

Velocity will move to change the number of points needed for reward seating on some of its partner airlines from 5 October 2022. All up, the changes aren’t too bad, with many rewards staying at the same price.

The existing 10 zones will increase to 12, meaning some bookings will end up costing more in Business Class, but less in Economy. The cost of Premium Economy and First Class redemptions won’t change.

The changes apply to Velocity Reward Seat bookings with Air Canada, Etihad Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines and South African Airways.

Here are the new rates that come into play from 5 October 2022:

Velocity Frequent Flyer Changes Partner Reward Table

If you are planning a Business Class redemption, be sure to lock in your travel before 5 October 2022 to secure the lower rates. Eagle-eyed readers will note most redemptions remain the same, with only those between 2,401 and 4800 miles affected. This includes redemptions from Australia to much of South-East Asia.

Any voluntary changes to Reward Seats that were ticketed before 5 October 2022 will require cancellation and refund of the original ticket to incorporate the new rate.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Rewards Are Back

Velocity Point can once again be used to redeem Singapore Airlines Premium Economy reward seats. The change means Velocity members can now redeem their points for travel across any Singapore Airlines seat, with the exception of First Class.

Singapore Airlines offers Premium Economy cabins on selected Airbus A350 and all Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft. Up to eight Premium Reward seats per flight will be available for booking using Velocity Points.

Here’s how many Velocity Points you need to fly Singapore Airlines Premium Economy:

  • Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney to Singapore: 52,500 Velocity Points
  • Singapore to London: 75,000 Velocity Points
  • Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney to London: 112,500 Velocity Points

Taxes and carrier charges are in addition and vary by route.

We’d recommend looking out for Business Reward seating, which costs a fraction more than Premium Reward seats. For the extra points expect improved food and beverage, airport lounge access, premium service and a lie-flat bed on many flights. It really is a world of difference.


Tom Goward

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  1. Any ides when the transfer will be switched back on?

    Its still showing: The conversion of Velocity Points and KrisFlyer miles between the Velocity and KrisFlyer programs is due to restart soon.

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