Western Australia Quarantine Free Travel Loophole


Immanuel Debeer | 19/10/2021

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Living in WA always has your brain working overtime, scheming up plans on how to escape the iron curtain of Westralia and return… minus the painful 14 days of hotel quarantine.

Today, there is a new “glimmer of hope” and a potential loophole to return to WA from overseas without having to quarantine in a hotel!

If you watched the news, WA has just declared that QLD will be a green zone from Friday, October 22.

This is significant because only states listed as green zones allow for quarantine free travel into WA.

A few days earlier, Queensland announced its plan to “reopen” the state to the rest of Australia.

The rollout includes a scenario where 80% of Queenslanders are double vaccinated. At the 80% stage, there will be no restrictions for those coming from hot spots (i.e. NSW), provided you can supply a negative test and double vaccine certificate. According to The Guardian, QLD is set to reach 80% double dose by 16-21 December.

This means you could fly into NSW from overseas (quarantine free), then fly into QLD (quarantine free) and continue onto WA (quarantine free).

Of course… this is all theoretical, and if we’ve learned anything over the last 2 years, it’s how unpredictable and trigger happy our supreme leaders are when it comes to shutting borders.

So, time will tell if this will be an option… or maybe McGowan will come to his senses by Christmas? Doubtful.


Immanuel Debeer

Chief points nerd and travel hacker at Flight Hacks

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    • Yep, most likely there would still be a 14-day buffer which you would have to spend in QLD. However, those 14 days would be spent in freedom which is superior to being locked up in a hotel.

    • That will likely still be the case, that said spending 14 days in QLD (in freedom mind you) is far superior to being stuck in a shitty quarantine hotel. On top of that, you have to factor in the cost of flying to Perth direct which will probably still have arrival caps of 250 a week. Compare that to NSW where airlines are increasing flights and there are no limits.

  1. McGowan has already said (re SA) once COVID comes into SA (which will happen as soon as the border opens to NSW/VIC) the border to SA will be closed. So this isn’t even theoretical, it’s not going to happen. The border will be closed to QLD from the time they reopen to NSW.

  2. Surely there has to be a way for WA to start considering at home quarantine for vaccinated Aussies who need to travel for business at the very least.

  3. At the 80% rate in QLD they still won’t allow you in to the state if you haven’t completed quarantine in NSW when arriving in Internationally in the 14 days prior. Would probably have to hang out in NSW for 2 weeks, and then cross into QLD and then into WA

  4. I think it is very unfair that WA is being left behind. Every day we hear press conferences from NSW and VIC of thousands of covid cases and numerous deaths, while we in WA have none!
    You guys take our GST and get all the glory of people in ICU with covid.

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