One of the best features about holding an American Express issued credit card is the ability to earn a lot of points by referring family and friends. It’s really a win-win situation, Amex relies on you being a fan of their product in order to then explain the many benefits of American Express to those close to you. This ain’t no Tupperware party; as a seasoned or aspiring points collector, you know what those frequent flyer points can get you in return and Amex is paying out handsomely in American Express Membership Rewards points. By referring someone, you get a nice amount of bonus points and so does the person you’re referring. Let’s have a look at the finer details of the ‘Refer a Friend’ program by Amex.

Maximum Amount Of Points Per Year

There is an annual cap of points you can earn, and that is set at 200,000 points per calendar year. However during the booster period of 18/07/2018 – 15/08/2018 you can earn an additional 200,000 points bringing the total to 400,000!

Which Points Can I Earn?

Amex member referrals will earn you bonus points from whatever program you are referring from. For example, if you hold an Amex Qantas Ultimate card you will receive Qantas points upon approval. If you hold a Platinum Edge or Charge, you will receive either Membership Rewards Ascent or Membership Rewards Premium; on the other side of the spectrum, referring someone to the Amex Explorer card will see you earn Membership Rewards Gateway points.

How Many Points Can I Earn For Different Cards?

Here’s where things get interesting, for some of the high range cards you can earn a whopping 60,000 bonus points per referral during the booster period! Have you got friends that are still wasting their time with a debit card? That’s a first class ticket or two to Europe right there!

Singapore Airlines First Class & Suites (30 of 112)
Singapore Airlines First Class & Suites (20 of 112)
Cathay Pacific First Class Review (22 of 69)

Let’s look at each card that can earn referral points

Membership Rewards:

  • American Express Platinum Card: 60,000 Membership Rewards Premium
    Your friend gets: 120,000 points (Until August 29).
  • American Express Platinum Edge: 30,000 Membership Rewards Ascent
    Your friend gets: 10,000 points.
  • American Express Explorer: 60,000 Membership Rewards Gateway
    Your friend gets: 60,000 points.
  • American Express Essential: 30,000 Membership Rewards Gateway
    Your friend gets: No bonus points for this offer.

Velocity Frequent Flyer

  • American Express Velocity Platinum: 60,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer points
    Your friend gets: 60,000 points.
  • American Express Velocity Escape: 30,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer points
    Your friend gets: No bonus points for this offer.

David Jones

  • American Express David Jones: 40,000 Membership Rewards
    Your friend gets: 30,000 points.
  • American Express David Jones Platinum: 60,000 Membership Rewards
    Your friend gets: 50,000 points.

Qantas Frequent Flyer

  • American Express Qantas Ultimate: 60,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
    Your friend gets: 65,000 points.
  • American Express Qantas Premium: 40,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
    Your friend gets: 40,000 points.
  • American Express Qantas Discovery: 30,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
    Your friend gets: No bonus points for this offer.

Cross referral, what is this magic?

Do you have a trusty Platinum Edge but your friend wants to splurge on a Platinum Charge card? No problemo! You can refer different cards within the “points family”, it’s easy to categorise those families between: Membership Rewards, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity Frequent Flyer and David Jones. This means you don’t have to hold the same card as you are referring but you can refer someone to a similar card.

Enough talking, how do I actually get started?

OK, first the basic rules. Don’t spam! Don’t do it…
I know the genius marketing guru inside you is ready to unleash your referral link to the world but keep in mind that that link is unique to you. If Amex notice you’re trying to abuse the program, those points will be taken back. The best way to get a referral is to share your thoughts and expertise with friends and family. In the end, you’re offering a value proposition, if they appreciate your advice they will be more than happy to use your link. Just make sure you tell them you’re also getting a bonus for your efforts 😉

How long does it take for points to credit?

Points are awarded once your friend has been approved, while it can take up to 10 weeks, they generally come through much faster!

In Conclusion

American Express’s referral program is unique in the market, and it’s a fantastic incentive to recommend your credit card to a friend or family member. It’s an easy way to earn a good chunk of points without having to spend any money!

New To Amex?

Up next we’ll explore our favourite American Express card deals at the moment and why they deserve a place in your wallet. Check out  our guide for the best Amex cards to earn referrals.

Disclosure: Flight Hacks is an American Express partner. This post has been sponsored by American Express.

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