Woolworths Everyday Rewards Members can access a promotion running at the moment where if you take out a new insurance policy and hold the policy for 30 days, they will reward you with 20,000 Woolworth’s points. For those point savvy collectors out there will know these transfers to 8,700 QFF points.

So how does this all work?

Let’s break it down for you to make it simple to understand what you need to do for each policy. Currently, the offer is running for Home and Contents Insurance and also Pet Insurance.

Home and Contents Insurance

First, visit https://insurance.woolworths.com.au/promotions/rewards-home.html.
You will find the details of the deal on the home page. Ensure the Promo code”wow20K” is applied during the application process.

The second tip is to ensure all your coverage is kept to the minimum. To do this, I did a contents only policy with a $20,000 minimum cover amount with an excess of $1000 (the highest). This will then drop the policy to the lowest possible price. You can see my costs below.

The next step is to simply wait for the points to be credited which states it will be within 30 days of first payment being received. When the points are received, you can then simply cancel the policy.

Pet Insurance

As above, the same promotion is running for those who take out a pet insurance policy.

First, visit https://insurance.woolworths.com.au/promotions/rewards-pet.html

You will find the details of the deal on the home page. Ensure the Promo code “pet20K” is applied during the application process.

The good thing with Pet Insurance, there isn’t much tweaking required to get a lower price. In this circumstance, you would just select the cheapest policy as seen below.

Simply select the “basic” coverage for your chosen pet.

Once again, wait the 30 days after paying your first month of insurance, and the Woolworths Points should be added.


Following this guide and tweaking the insurance should be able to net the user 40,000 points Woolworths Points for a relatively low cost. The only caveat is that this won’t apply to everyone and you might find your personal situation might end up in a slightly more expensive or cheaper policy; however it should remain approximately the same.

The other issue is that Woolworths may debit the 2nd-month cost of both policies if the points aren’t credited straight away, if this happens you will pay a bit more, but still will end up with a good overall deal.

You can likely also do this for other members of the family utilising their details, should they consent.

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Thanks Chad, I’m really enjoying accumulating QFF points with these offers. Every little bit is helping.😊


My contents policy came to $14/month, which is pretty good. Although I did see this clause in the conformation email I received after signing up:

Should you decide to cancel after the cooling off period we will deduct a $30 fee to cover
reasonable administration expenses.

If they charge that, it will really eat in to the benefit if they also debit a second month before the points are applied.


Hey Brad, that’s good to know! I assume in your case a second month would work out cheaper?


For pet insurance, * Offer applies to new policies only before 11:59pm 24 February 2019 Does it mean I need to purchase the insurance before 24/2 or the new policy must start before 24/2.

I did purchase the policy today and I did put the start day today but received an email confirmation said my policy only start on the 26/2.


Hi Edwin, I would think it’s both (purchase and start) since you will only get charged 1 minute before midnight of your planned activation date.