Australia’s New Declaration Now Required For International Arrivals


Tom Goward | 18/02/2022

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From today, there is a new form to fill when travelling to Australia, as the Government rolls out a digital system to collect information from each passenger entering Australia.
The Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) will replace the previous Australia Travel Declaration (ATD) web-based form, although the latter will continue in a read-only format so travellers can refer to their previous records. While most of the information on the DPD is exactly the same as in the previous system, there are some additional hoops to jump through.

Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s new Digital Passenger Declaration.

What is the Australian Digital Passenger Declaration?

Australia’s new Digital Passenger Declaration has been designed to allow travellers to quickly supply the information needed to meet Australia’s entry requirements before they arrive at the airport. This includes your travel history, Covid vaccination status plus all the regular personal details.

The DPD is set up to screen travellers and ensure they meet restrictions before they arrive at the airport.

When is the DPD a requirement?

As of today, the Digital Passenger Declaration is a requirement to enter Australia. All International arrivals from 18 February 2022 need to complete a DPD.

What information do I need to supply?

​​Before you start your declaration, be prepared to provide your:

  • Personal and contact details
  • Inbound flight number
  • Intended address in Australia
  • COVID-19 vaccination status or valid medical exemption
  • Where you have visited in the 14 days prior to arriving in Australia

Reaching Australia via connecting flights? The declaration will ask about your first flight, and the final flight that gets you to Australia.

Do I need a Covid-19 test?

As of 18 April 2022, the Australian Government no longer requires a COVID-19 test before boarding your flight to Australia.

While the DPD system transitions to this new rule, be sure to select “I am exempt from Australia’s COVID testing requirements” in the health section of the DPD. Note that this selection will produce the outcome “confirmation required at check-in”. There is nothing to be concerned about here – you will be processed as meeting the health requirements for boarding as long as you can show evidence of your COVID-19 vaccination record or proof that you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons at check-in.

Who needs to complete a DPD?

Everyone who wants to enter Australia from overseas must complete a DPD, including tourists. The requirement to complete a DPD is in addition to any visa, visa-waiver or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) you may also need to enter Australia.

Anyone over 16 is advised to complete their own declaration. If you are travelling with a child under the age of 16, you should complete their declaration.

When do I submit my DPD?

You can begin to prepare your declaration online up to 7 days before your flight. A Digital Passenger Declaration can only be submitted within 72 hours prior to departure, making last-minute travel that little bit easier.

Where do I complete my DPD?

You can complete your Digital Passenger Declaration on the Department of Home Affairs website.

From 1 March, travellers can complete their DPD using a free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store.

Your Digital Passenger Declaration outcome

A completed declaration does not guarantee approved entry to Australia. Once submitted, you will see a summary screen that should show your DPD as complete, incomplete or confirmation required at check-in.

  • Complete indicates that you meet Covid-19 health requirements for travel, although the airline will make the final decision to let you board your flight.
  • Incomplete indicates that you have not submitted the required health information.
  • Confirmation required at check-in indicates that you may not have met the requirements for travel to Australia. Your airline will confirm this and decide if you can travel.

Do I need to show airline staff my DPD?

At check-in, you will need to show airline staff the summary screen of your DPD, on your phone or as a printout. Your personal data is not shared with the airline, however, they must check you have completed a declaration before allowing you to board the flight.

You may also need to present your Digital Passenger Declaration on arrival in Australia.

Who do I contact if I have trouble completing my DPD?

If you have difficulty completing the DPD, the Department of Home Affairs provides answers to frequently asked questions that may help. If you still need assistance, contact the Department of Home Affairs.

Do I complete an Incoming Passenger Card?

Yes, travellers must also complete an Incoming Passenger Card. It’s the yellow and orange card that cabin crew often hand out before arrival, and asks questions about the items in your baggage.

Remember that your Digital Passenger Declaration is required in addition to the normal paperwork required for overseas arrivals.

Where can I find out more?

The below links provide further information on Australia’s Digital Passenger Declaration.

Summing up

It can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing travel requirements and border restrictions. Thankfully, this isn’t a big one with the new DPD requiring most of the same information as the previous ATD.

The new change comes just in time for Australia, as we are just days away from opening our international borders to overseas tourists on 21 February 2022. That of course excludes the Democratic People’s Republic of Western Australia, which remains shut to the world, including Australian citizens.

Want to know more about Australia’s International border reopening. Check out our coverage here!


Tom Goward

Senior Editor and Chief AvGeek at Flight Hacks

  1. Thanks for all this info.
    Question – What if I have 3 connecting flights to Australia? The form seems to only allow me to add two flights. Should I include the first and the last or the last two?

    • Hi Madelyn. If you are reaching Australia via connecting flights the declaration will require info on your first flight, and the final flight that gets you to Australia. Cheers, Tom.

      • Hi Tom,
        Just to clear understanding, if I’m flying from Phoenix to Vancouver which lay over there for few hours then i fly from Vancouver to Australia, so should I put flight number the one from Vancouver to Australia?

  2. Is there a proposal to have the digital form information in other languages, to mirror the existing incoming document.

  3. Hi Tom, if my flight to Australia transit through other country (only in Airport), what should i tick in travel history (past 14 days) yes or no?

    • If you’re only transitting (staying airside) you don’t technically enter the country from an immigration perspective. Either way, I doubt you would have an issue adding it to your travel history or keeping it out.

  4. Hi, I have made a mistake submitted the DPD earlier than 72 hours. I realised that i couldn’t make any amends. I didn’t upload my passport image. Do you know if this is ok?

    • Hi Agung. Once you start a new DPD it cannot be deleted, and once you submit a DPD it cannot be changed. I am hoping the system is updated to allow edits for resubmission sometime soon. Unfortunately, you might have to complete the form again as valid passport info is a requirement. This would be the case unless you have received “complete” status on the summary screen. Cheers, Tom.

        • Hi Palak. You’ll need to put your first and last names in separate fields. For example, if your full name was John Smith, John would go in the first name box and Smith would go in the last name box. Cheers, Tom.

  5. Currently only available on App Store for Apple OS and being caned by users – appears very buggy. No sign of the App anywhere on Google Play Store?

    • Hi Andrew. Great question! If travelling to Australia as a family or group, a separate DPD must be submitted for each individual member. As such you need to create an account for each traveller. Cheers, Tom

  6. Hi there. I’m flying to Sydney in just over a week. I’m a pensioner and not very computer savvy. Can you tell me when the form says put in passport details manually what does it mean about uploading a photo? Photo of what and how do you do that. I’m getting increasingly anxious about this process. Thanks.

      • Thanks Tom. Can you also tell me what is a username? Do I make that up? And I am transiting in Dubai (London/Dubai/Sydney). The transit is just hour and half but has a different flight number. Do I put both in the box for flight information? And lastly, can I start the form at 7 days but save and exit on sections and be able to go back in and change things/carry on adding info?
        Sorry for questions but I don’t have anyone here to help me.

  7. Hi Tom,

    I am wondering if you can answer a question for me.
    I am flying to America in September. I will be flying back to Australia from LAX on 30th September at 9.30pm on Qantas. I plan on getting a RAT (Antigen) test done at the airport Approx 5-6 hours before i fly home later that night. The requirement for the Digital Passenger Declaration states that I have to upload my RAT test results within 24 hours of flying home. My flight leaves at 9.30pm so will I be okay to have the RAT test done say 5-6 hours before I fly and upload the test results in my Digital Declaration as soon as i get them back. Is that acceptable? Considering that I have to have a RAT test done and uploaded within 24 hours of flying. I am worried if I do one at 10am on 29th September (the day before I fly) then that will fall outside of the 24 hour bracket. It is all very confusing these time frames. And i don’t want to get caught out on a silly technicality. Can you help please?


    • Hi Bron. If you plan on taking a RAT this has to be done within 24 hours of your scheduled departure to Australia. Seeing you depart at 9:30pm on 30 September, the test can’t be taken at 10am on September 29 as this is outside of the 24 hour window. Note that you need to upload a medical certificate as evidence of a negative RAT taken under medical supervision. Once you receive the certificate, you can upload it to your DPD before you check in to your flight. Safe travels, Tom.

  8. Hi Tom,
    when I want to submit my trip details it fails saying “sorry, can’t submit trip details”. Therefore, I cannot lodge health information into the app. Does that mean I cannot enter Australia, even though I have a valid visa and meet the health requirements? I am quite worried, my plane departs in 2 days.


    • Hi Marius, you can only submit the form within 72 hours prior to the departure of your flight. Since you say your flight is within 2 days, you might be entering something incorrectly? Are you entering info on mobile or on a desktop, app or online form? Lots of variables. I would suggest trying to complete it on a computer and avoid downloading apps etc.

  9. Hello, our child is under 4 and according to the rules he doesn’t need a PCR test but he does need a DPD. Do you know what we need to put in the health section of the form? The health section is currently locked until 3 days before we fly. Thanks

    • Would probably be easiest to submit a new form indeed. It’s only at check-in that airline staff make sure you’ve completed the form.

    • As far as I know, there is no paper form. You could complete the form for her and print it off. She will only need to show the printed copy to the airline staff. No phone is required to complete the application.

  10. Hi, I have completed the first part of the declaration flight details, passenger details, travel history etc). I entered my passport details manually and have not uploaded my passport – every field is marked as complete but I can’t submit the declaration. There is no detailed error message, just the message that it can’t be submitted. Also, I cannot access the health declaration even though I’m in the timeframe where this information should be unlocked. Is this all because the passport has not been uploaded?
    Thank you so much for your help! My trip starts tomorrow – I would be grateful for a quick response!

  11. Hi Thanks for this information. I have completed and printed my DPD. The printout only shows my first flight from Uk but not flight from Qatar to Australia is this correct?

  12. My flight is on 24March at 9.50pm, and I’ve scheduled to do RAT test on 24March at 9am. Do I still hv enough time to submit my last part of health declaration before my flight? Or am I allow to submit my declaration a day before my test?

  13. I am unable to download our vaccination certificate QR codes. The message just says “place certificate on a flat surface”. I’m scanning from my iPad to my phone. Is that the problem? Do I need to have a paper version?

  14. Hi. We are travelling to Sydney tomorrow. My DPD has been accepted but the app won’t accept yesterday (22/03/2022) as a date in the past for my husbands PCR test and so we can’t submit his details

  15. Hi there
    We’ve been in contact with someone that has since tested positive for covid in the last 14 days and we’re due to fly. Does this have any impact? We’re negative and have been for 5 days.

  16. Hi Tom. can a friend or family member fill out and submit a DPD for someone who is computer illiterate, who’s been stuck in vietnam for the last 2 years due to covid travel restrictions ?

  17. Hi Tom,

    For the travel history section do we put down the country we’re flying from (in our case-UK) and the country we’re transiting through (Qatar).
    Thank you

    • Hi Shauna. If you are reaching Australia via connecting flights you should add the details for your first flight and the final flight that gets you to Australia. Generally, you aren’t required to list transit airports as long as you remain within the terminal. Cheers, Tom.

  18. Hi Tom,

    Do you know if travel history would impact entry or quarantine requirements? I can’t find any information that suggests it would, but am curious why they ask. My husband and I both plan to travel (him domestically in US and me to Mexico) in the 14 days before arriving in Sydney, so I want to make sure this won’t cause any issues. Thanks!

  19. Hi my parents have a 13 hour transit in another country before coming to Australia. If they decide to enter the country do they have to mention this in travel history in DPD? And if they decide to stay at the airport do they still have to mention it?

    • As soon as you go through immigration you technically enter the country which means they have to mention it on their travel history. It’s all just a technicality though, no one checks or really cares. For example, I changed my flight after submitting DPD and it wasn’t an issue.

  20. Hi I am flying to Melbourne from the US but am traveling to Canada a few days before. Will this impact my entrance into Australia? Just concerned due to the section about travel history

  21. Hi Tom
    I get that you need to create an account first, but the 8 digit code sent to verify my email address has always expired before it arrives in my inbox. Is there a way around this?

  22. Hi Tom,
    I’m not sure how to upload Covid Certification card (QR) and Covid test results in DPD although the app doesn’t give me options to! IPhone app.

  23. Hi Tom,
    Just to clear understanding, if I’m flying from Phoenix to Vancouver which lay over there for few hours then i fly from Vancouver to Australia, so should I put flight number the one from Vancouver to Australia?

  24. Hi Tom,
    Just to clear understanding, if I’m flying from Phoenix to Vancouver which lay over there for few hours then i fly from Vancouver to Australia, so should I put flight number the one from Vancouver to Australia? And thank you for answering us in great way.

  25. We have been unable to complete the DPD and flying out today , can we do it on arrival in Sydney on the 11 th in 2 days time ? I

  26. Hi Tom,
    when entering the data there is an error message: Sorry, can’t submit the DPD.


    Before trying to press the submit button, there is a pop up message “You will only be able to amend contact details once you have submitted your trip.”

    If I can’t submit the DPD I cannot fill out the health declaration…the questions about vaccination status etc.

    My flight is tomorrow.
    thanks for your help.

      • Hi Tom,
        the solution to my problem was very crazy and I would have never found out on my own:

        I was informed at the airport in Berlin, that the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg (BER) is not accepted yet. You have to manually type in your flight details and chose the old airport code SXF (Airport Schönefeld) instead of BER and then it will go through!

        Everybody FLYING FROM BERLIN (BER) has to type in SXF manually in their flight details. Until it’s fixed, you cannot just use the flight-number and have it automatically filled out, because it won’t accept BER.

        Fortunately with this information I could complete the dpd on my mobile phone and upload my health documents just before check-in.

  27. My mother do not have family name in the passport. So on uploading the passport, it is saying to enter the values manually. I added some blank spaces, it accept for a moment But while submitting, it is not accepting it saying you can not submit the DPD. For testing purpose I added the surname (my dad’s family name), and then it is accepting. But in that case passport family name (which is empty) will not match DPD family name (my dad’s family name). All other proofs of my mother (tickets, driving licence, etc.) have my dad’s family name in it.

    • Has she got 2 first names? You could try splitting it up, enter one for the first name and the second one for a family name. Alternatively, try entering “N/A” or “Not applicable”. It’s just a form that no one checks and if they do I’m sure they understand that their form is flawed by design as it doesn’t accommodate for people who don’t have a surname.

  28. Hi, I’m flying from Edinburgh (UK) to Brisbane via Doha. I start my travel on Sunday 17th 2022 at 2:30 pm, and due to the layover in Doha (19 hours – not leaving terminal), I arrive in Brisbane on Tuesday 19th April 2022.
    I understand the requirement to have a PCR test changes on 18th April 2022 to enter Australia.
    Two questions:
    1. As I start my journey on 17th April (before the changes come into affect) do I need to do a PCR?
    2. When do I need to finalise my DPD? Before the 1st flight departs at Edinburgh Airport or can I finalise this on 18th April before my second flight to Brisbane? Therefore, I dont need to take a PCR test to enter Australia.
    Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Hazel. That’s a fantastic question! If both flights are on the one booking (EDI-DOH and DOH-BNE) you would be classified as departing for Australia on 17 April and will need to take a pre-departure test and finalise your DPD before departure from Edinburgh. Cheers, Tom.

    • Hi Carmen. Have you checked your spam folder or tried a different email address? Otherwise, you might want to verify using your phone number. Cheers, Tom.

  29. Hi, the DPD app asks if a person has has COVID 19 within the past 7 days. If this has been the case and the person has completed 7 days of isolation (but end if isolation was within 7 days of flight departure), do you think entry into Australia will be refused? Thank you !

    • Hi Felix. If you have fully recovered I can’t see this being an issue. If you’re still concerned it might be wise to carry a medical certificate showing you have recovered to ensure a smooth journey. It is also a good idea to check the conditions of the specific state/territory you plan to enter as testing and quarantine requirements will differ for each. Cheers, Tom.

  30. Hi, my uncle is planning to fly from Colombo (Sri lanka) to Sydney on one flight & then take a domestic (Qantas) flight from Sydney to Melbourne. He has already entered details of his first flight. Does he need to enter domestic flight details on DPD?
    (Once he tries to enter these information he gets a msg saying ‘Departure country cannot be Australia’. Please advice. Thanks.

    • Hi Devni. Your uncle will need to enter the details of his CMB-SYD flight as this will be his journey into Australia. He won’t need to enter the domestic SYD-MEL flight. Cheers, Tom.

  31. I am flying from Osaka to Tokyo, Tokyo to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide. The app let me enter in the first two flights, not the last, so I ticked that I do not intend to travel interstate, as I won’t be leaving the airport in Melbourne- was that a mistake? The app says that everything is complete, but am not sure if I made the right selection; should I make a new DPD application saying ‘yes’ to the interstate question just in case? Is it bad to have multiple applications, or is it even possible to make a second one?

    • Hi Karo. The DPD only allows international flights to be entered, so it’s fine to leave out MEL-ADL. If you don’t plan onwards travel after arrival in Adelaide you have made the right selection. Cheers, Tom.

  32. Hi Tom, Thanks for all this info. The whole process is so confusing! I have realised I made a mistake on my already submitted dpd. I am landing in Melbourne but will, later in my trip, travel on to Queensland & NSW. I ticked to say I am not travelling to other states so I need to correct this. Am I right in thinking I need to call an office in Australia to get this corrected?
    Also, I created a 2nd DPD for my Mum on my account. From what you’ve said in other posts, it looks like this isn’t ok. I am going to try and create a new account for her and do another one. I am terrified that these things will prevent us boarding the plane or land us in trouble in Aus. Any advice please?

  33. hello sir,
    i am bit confused about proceeding with dpd form. i have single name with no surname on my passport. how to proceed with this form wthout surname? should i fill my first name repeatdly in surname section as i did for my flight booking ?
    or should i fill “N/a” or not applicable ? please guide ??

    • I would repeat the first name or put N/A as whoever designed the form didn’t realise there are lots of people without surnames. I doubt you will have an issue 🙂

  34. Hi, quick question I believe! I’ve submitted all the documents. How long does it take until I get a response to say completed etc?

    Cheers and thank you!

  35. I am a returning Australian, why is my health saying incomplete ! I can’t change it anywhere! will I. e able to change in the 72 hours before flight

  36. Hi there, the reset password verification code is not going through, the app is very buggy can we try to restart application process on the website after we started on the app and it won’t work. Will we have trouble using Safari if so do we need to download another web browser to do the application.

    • Hi Sarah, if you saved the application you can continue it via your computer. Personally, I’ve never downloaded the app and I don’t see the need to either as the website is much more convenient to use.

  37. Hi, I have a direct flight to Melbourne then a layover of 1.5 hrs and a connected flight to Brisbane. The DPD is not taking details from Melbourne to Brisbane only from my home country to Melbourne is appearing is it enough to mention only direct flight details ?

    • If you connect on a domestic flight you will need to clear immigration first. So in your case, you will enter Australia via Melbourne and once you’re cleared you’re free to do as you please.

  38. Hi,I am flying from Madrid to Brisbane via Doha. Not leaving airport. I had trouble putting in the two flights and someone told me I could just put in the one flight from Doha. It accepted this and I have an email saying all is complete. I realise I should have put in the Madrid to Doha flight. As I can’t change the DPD and it says I cannot delete it.
    Can I just start again and do another DPD. I am worried I will have two DPD’s on the system. Thanks jim

    • Hi Marlene. Without knowing the address it’s hard for me to suggest why the DPD form will not accept. All I can suggest is entering as individual fields. Cheers, Tom.

  39. Hi,
    My wife and friend are total non literate computer users. Would I be able to fill out the required forms here in Aus before she leaves for Singapore and save/exit the site so she will be able to,in the appropriate time frame, log in and ensure everything is correct and then submit the forms. I personally don’t think this would work but if so would save her some headaches.

    • Hi Geoff, you could technically just complete the whole form for them within 72h before their flight back. At check-in in Singapore, they might be asked to show a confirmation that the form was completed so if you can send a screenshot to their phone that would work or alternatively email the pdf to their hotel reception and ask for them to print it before they depart.

      • Thanks for your reply Immanuel,
        Yes that could work but how would the uploading of her passport occur or is a photo ok from my end. Or is that not required if passport details are filled out manually?

        Thanks Geoff

  40. Hi there, I’ve accidentally said ‘no’ in the previous travel bit but will be in Doha airport for 2hrs for my connecting flight to Perth – should I have put Qatar? I’ve submitted this section so I can’t amend it now… Do I need to do a new form? All my other info is correct.

  41. Hi, Im travelling from Auckland to Melbourne, am a NZ Citizen, fully vaccinated. I have uploaded my travel covid pass/ certificate and selected no quarantine required. Having submitted my DPD, the responding email said it was incomplete.
    I have no idea what is missing or who to contact for assistance. I rang the NZ contact for Qantas (carrier) who were unable to assist.
    The flight was booked Sat and deapts 6am Monday due to an emergency
    Thanks in advance

  42. Hi
    Tom, my flight is on 18th may , i have filled everything but scanning my qr code of vaccination have failed to be scanned. Any help please i will be greatful.

    • Hi Sherry, I only use the online form since it’s much less buggy than the app. No scanning is required, simply upload a copy of your vaccine certificate and you’re good to go.

    • Nothing happens, you will simply need to complete it within the 72h window. It’s saved in your profile so you can just continue.

  43. I’m travelling to Sydney
    New York to Dallas
    Dallas to Sydney

    Do I just put in flight no for Dallas to Sydney

  44. Hey
    I have submitted my DPD 72 hours before departure. Everything is submitted. DonI need to upload a new DPD now?

      • Hi Tom, I have submitted my DPD form earlier than 72hours of my flight and I did received the notification email of”ready to present your DPD at check in”. However I just received a new email notification of incomplete status of dpd. What’s going on? Do I need to submit it again? Appreciate your respond.

        • Hi Serene, as per our article: “A Digital Passenger Declaration can only be submitted within 72 hours prior to departure”. So it will be incomplete until you’re within the 72h window at which time you can complete the final information required.

    • Incomplete indicates that you have not submitted the required health information. Does your online status say incomplete also? Usually, they send out automated emails that are not accurate.

      • The app says completed on both health parts. I did just resubmit it and may have originally done it outside 72 hours out. Would that bi it possibly?

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