Easiest 2000 Qantas Points You Can Earn!


Immanuel Debeer | 15/07/2017

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UPDATE 08/09/2017: Points have finally credited, it took a while but if you updated your account details back in July, the points should now be in your account!

Qantas is rewarding all its members for checking and updating their details. Right now you can earn a very easy 2000 points just by following this link and confirming or updating your details.

Once you have completed the check-up a message will tell you that you just earned 2000 Qantas bonus points.

Just make sure you use this link:

Qantas appears to be a new domain but we can confirm it’s legit and not some elaborate scam to gather your details.

Qantas is making the move to  2FA in an attempt to crack down on the hacking and theft of points which is frequently reported on forums and social media. We can only hope that Qantas will soon move away from the 4 digit pin required to log in and provide better security measures for its customers.


Immanuel Debeer

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