Hilton Is Extending Elite Status Again


Immanuel Debeer | 28/10/2020

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Hilton Honors is once again coming to the table to make sure their Elites get their perks extended. With limited travel on the cards, the hotel loyalty program by Hilton is making sure that current status and points stay valid. In addition, they are opening the door to those looking to obtain status by reducing the tier requirements from January 1 2021.

Here’s what you can expect:

No Points expiry

If you currently have a stash of Hilton Honors points, and nowhere to spend them on. No worries! Hilton Honors is extending points expiration dates until at least December 31, 2021.

Faster Elite Status

From January 1 Hilton Honors members will only require half the nights/stays and base points needed to gain status with the program. On top of that all your 2020 nights will roll over into 2021, so we will see a LOT of people obtaining Hilton Honors next year!

Hilton Honors 2020 Elite Requirements

Elite Tier:2020 Requirements2021 Requirements
Hilton Honors Silver25,000 base points
10 nights
4 stays
12,500 base points
5 nights
2 stays
Hilton Honors Gold75,000 base points
40 nights
20 stays
37,500 base points
20 nights
10 stays
Hilton Honors Diamond120,000 base points
60 nights
30 stays
60,000 base points
30 nights
15 stays

From next year, Hilton Honors members will also be able to earn milestone bonuses much faster. You’ll earn 10,000 Bonus Points starting at 20 nights (instead of the current 40-night requirement) and continue to earn 10,000 Bonus Points for every additional 10 nights you stay in 2021.
Faster Milestone Bonuses

Status Extension For All

Whatever status you have now, it’s safe until at least March 31 2022 (even if you are set for a downgrade in 2020 or 2021).

Summing Up

Hilton Honors have been leading the way when it comes to making sure their members are looked after. Earlier this year they already announced very generous status extensions and this latest development is great news!

Generally speaking, when Hilton Honors lead, others will follow so it wouldn’t surprise me if Marriott Bonvoy came up with something similar soon.

New to Hilton Honors? Check out our ultimate Hilton Honors Guide here.


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