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Immanuel Debeer | 09/04/2020

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We all knew it was coming, and it’s finally here! Marriott Bonvoy has just announced a status extension for everyone who obtained status in 2019. Bonvoy Elite status eared in 2019, will be extended until February 2022.

Earlier in the year, Marriott Bonvoy offered a status extension for those located in the greater China region. This comes after all major hotel chains including Hilton, Hyatt, Accor and IHG (among many smaller brands), rolled out pretty generous status extension offers or reduced qualification requirements.

marriott bonvoy status extension

Existing Reservation

Marriott Bonvoy members with existing reservations have been able to cancel these free of charge for some time now. This includes the most restrictive sale prices and pre-paid rates, which are usually non-refundable. Customers are also allowed to change their booking dates free of charge. All bookings need to be changed or cancelled before June 30 (to ensure you’re not charged any fees).

New bookings

Marriott Bonvoy customers can continue to make bookings for future travel and enjoy the added benefit of flexibility to change the date or cancel at no cost. New reservations, including those with pre-paid rates, can be booked under flexible terms between March 13 and June 30, 2020. Keep in mind; you need to give 24h notice to avoid any charges.

Points Expiration

To provide you ample time to redeem points, the expiration of points will be paused until February 2021. At that time, your points will only expire if your account has been inactive for at least 24 months.

Summing up

It’s great to see that Marriott Bonvoy finally extended its status extension to members worldwide considering the impact of the current pandemic. I checked my account and status has already been updated with a new expiry date of 2022 which is pretty generous!


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