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Immanuel Debeer | 26/07/2022

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Ampol has just launched a rather lucrative fuel card offer for ABN holders. The deal is pretty simple, spend $500 on fuel a month (unfortunately very doable these days) and collect 20,000 Everyday Rewards for 6 months. 

This means you’ll walk away with 120,000 Everyday Rewards after 6 months; this translates to 60,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points when converted. Not bad! 

Note: If you’re a business owner, don’t miss out on this exclusive deal, which ends next week!

AmpolCard Who qualifies? 

For starters, you will need to have an active ABN which is older than 6 months; from what I can tell, there’s no requirement to be GST registered. 

On top of the ABN requirements, you will also need to be a “new card member,” meaning you can’t have held an Ampol card within the last 12 months. 

The deal runs until 11 October 2022, the last date you can apply. 

Anything else? 

On top of, that, you will also earn 2 points per dollar on every litre of premium fuel and get 6 cents discount. The 6 cents per litre discount will apply to all premium fuel transactions at participating locations from the date you receive your new AmpolCard, until 11th April 2023.

What about fees? 

The AmpolCard comes with a monthly fee of $2.95, which isn’t too bad when you factor in the 6c saving (on premium fuels). 

While Ampol offers no surcharge when you fill up your car and pay in-store, they oddly charge a massive 2% on Amex cards when using this as a direct debit option for your fuel card; they also promote a 0% surcharge on MasterCard and 0.53% on Visa. 

Ampol Fuel Card 120k Bonus Points T&C 

Collect 20,000 bonus Everyday Rewards Points per month for 6 consecutive months, up to a maximum of 120,000 points, when you apply for a new AmpolCard between the promotional period, successfully be approved for an AmpolCard account, link your AmpolCard to your Everyday Rewards Account, and spend $500 per month on Eligible Products (Spend Criteria). 

The first monthly period is calculated from either the first partial month that the Spend Criteria is met (e.g. AmpolCard account is approved on 15th of the month and the Spend Criteria is met during the month) or if the Spend Criteria is not met during the first partial month, from the first full month after the claimant has received AmpolCard account approval.

What are ineligible products? 

Exclusions for participating Ampol locations are: purchases at locations that don’t sell fuel such as Foodary Bondi Junction, third party businesses that operate within an Ampol location such as Guzman y Gomez and Boost Juice, accommodation, AdBlue, amusement machines, travel/bus/freight tickets, smoking/tobacco products and accessories, deposit and insurance services, dry cleaning and laundry services, fax and photocopy, gift cards (including StarCash or AmpolCash), handset kits, hire services, maps and directories, pay phones, phone cards and accessories, Post Office accessories including postage stamps, prepaid and post-paid internet, prepaid and post-paid starter kits, showers, tolls. 

Points can be collected on fuel purchases up to a maximum of $150.

Will there be a credit hit? 

Yes, types of cards will have a soft credit hit, and the enquiry will show up under the business category. Personally (not financial advice, I might be wrong…), I see this as a good type of credit enquiry that will increase your score in the future. In short, this type of credit enquiry doesn’t concern me.

Summing Up 

To me, this seems like a pretty good deal; it’s an easy 60,000 bonus Qantas Points with the added convenience of having a fuel card and paying monthly. It’s unfortunate that Ampol still charges 2% for Amex cards, especially since it’s 0% when you pay in-store. 

I plan to take advantage of this offer when I’m back in Australia in September, so I have no experience with the application process to report on.

You can find this deal here.


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