If you’re sick of the stock standard drab typical chain hotels keep serving up, it might be time to check out the hipster haven that is Paramount House Hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

The design statement of a hotel is located in the former Paramount Pictures Studios building and ticks all the right boxes.

You enter the hotel through the Paramount Coffee Project; this is also where you enjoy top-notch breakfast/brunch/lunch and some of the best coffee Sydney has to offer.

Part of the same complex is “The Office Space”, a co-working setup, “The Recreation Club “ (more on that later) and Golden Age Cinema.

The Rooms

Paramount House hotel has 4 room categories ranging from tiny to big, for my stay I booked the “Sunny” room which has a small balcony.

Beds are stocked with Cultiver linen (yep I bought some for my own bed) and shower products are Aesop – everyone’s favourite.

The interior design is spot on and feels like it’s true to the heritage of the building and the neighbourhood. Paramount House Hotel has a real sense of place, something only a few hotels manage to achieve.

How to book?

Forget about hotel booking sites, Paramount House Hotel has given a big middle finger to the hotel monopolies of the world, and for that reason you can only book direct.


The Recreation Club

One of the highlights of this hotel is the rooftop gym aka "The Recreation Club", where as a hotel guest you can book in free gym classes.

There’s a variety on offer, and most of them are short 30-40 min circuit based classes for a full body workout. If you’re into functional fitness, you will love it.

The trainers were friendly, knowledgeable, and the stretching routine at the end of the class outside in the sun is a great way to start the day.

Paramount Coffee Project

For a killer breakfast, head down to the Paramount Coffee Project which is located in the lobby. This place is busy every day and for good reason.

Forget about shitty buffets, the food and coffee here are next level.


Do I love it? Yes. Is it slightly overpriced? Also yes.

Will I stay again? Most definitely!

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