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Immanuel Debeer | 28/11/2023

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At the start of the year, I covered an incredible deal via Accor Brazil, which effectively gives you Accor Platinum Status for free. I suggest you go and read our guide to refresh your memory first, then come back here and we’ll discuss the current promotion, now that it’s back on!

Ok, now that you’re caught up, let’s take a look at the ALL Signature promo for 2023/2024.

Until 30th November, new subscribers can take two months’ worth of fees off the annual subscription plan. There’s also a promo for 50% off the first month, but I would urge anyone looking to sign up for this deal to go for the annual plan, as this will be the most cost-effective approach.

The Accor All Signature coupon codes are

  • 50% OFF on monthly and quarterly frequencies with coupon: BFALLSIG23
  • 15% OFF on annual frequency with coupon: BFALLSIG15.

How to get Accor ALL Platinum + 1,500 Euro Hotel Credit

When you opt for the annual subscription, the cost will come down to R$5,712, which works out to AU$1,761 at today’s rates.

So there we have it, in one year you will earn 75,000 Accor ALL points + 12,000 status points, which are worth 1,500 Euros in hotel stays. At today’s exchange rate, that’s a tidy profit of AU$719, not factoring in any benefits of the status points!

As I explained in my previous post, 12,000 points will get you within reach of Accor All Platinum by just 2,000 points (14,000 are required for Platinum). This means we’ll have to earn these extra 2,000 points throughout the year by staying at Accor hotels to fast-track our way to Platinum. 2,000 points equal Eur 800 in hotel spending, so keep this in mind before you jump into this deal.

However, there’s a slight problem this year due to the timing of this offer! Accor All status points and nights reset on 31/12 each year. That means the status points you earn from this promo during 2023 will reset. So essentially, that will bring you within 4,000 points of Platinum instead of the 2,000 since November and December allotments will drop off come January 1st, 2024.

There’s a solution, though! As Discord member Adam describes, if you go for the discounted rate now, you can just buy two extra months towards the end of 2024 to get you across the line unless you’ve done around 1,600 euros worth of hotel spend throughout the year. For most of us, this is a no-brainer; you could easily rack up that spend throughout the year by staying at Accor hotels a couple of times.

Can you sign up from Australia?

Yes! The CPF requirements were removed last year so just log in using your Australian Accor All account and the ALL Signature subscription will be added. I’ve been subscribed since the start of the year and on track to hit Platinum by the end of the year! And yes, if you have Accor Plus or any other Accor status, this promo won’t affect it, in short, you can stack it.

Summing Up

All in all (no pun intended), this is a fantastic offer for Accor ALL loyalists or those looking to get a taste of hotel loyalty with Accor Platinum at a very affordable price. It’s however unfortunate that the timing of the discounted offer still falls within the 2023 year as opposed to the start of 2024.

You can find the Accor ALL Signature promo via the Accor Brazil website here.


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