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Immanuel Debeer | 07/12/2020

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When Qantas offered yet another status extension (by taking 1 flight) and extended an olive branch to disenfranchised Velocity Frequent Flyers by means of a challenge, it was only a matter of time before Velocity would respond in kind.

And respond they have! Not only are Velocity matching Qantas tit for tat, but they are also throwing in a few bonuses which encourages Gold and Platinum frequent flyers back in the sky.

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Velocity Status Extended until March 2022 With 1 flight.

Earlier this year Velocity already offered a 12-month status extension, so this is an extra 12 months on top of that. What do you have to do to get it? Take just 1 flight between now and March 28 2021. This will result in a status extension until March 31 2022.

That said, the extension isn’t equal for all members. Because the status extension is for a set date, it means that members who have a review date AFTER March would see a reduction in that extension by however many months you have your review date set at.

For example, my review date for Velocity Platinum is August 2 2021. This means I only get approximately 8 months extra. If let’s say your review date is before March 31, you would gain more than 12 months.

To be eligible for a Velocity Status Extension, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have Silver, Gold or Platinum with a review date between January 1, 2021, and December 31 2021.
  • Take 1 Virgin Australia operated flight between now and March 28, 2021. (Note that logically award bookings are excluded. However, changes are that if you’re booked on a complimentary flight issued by your credit card provider, this may count)
  • Enter your Velocity number in your booking (this should be a no brainer)

Extra Bonus Perks For Gold & Platinum

As a one-up over the Qantas offer, Velocity is offering its Gold and Platinum frequent flyers some extra perks on the second and the third flight they take before March 28, 2021.

5,000 Bonus Velocity Points After 2 Flights

By taking 2 flights before the end of the promo period (March 28), Gold and Platinum members will get an extra 5,000 Velocity Bonus Points. This is in addition to any points you will earn from the flight.

Economy X Upgrades For Gold After 3 Flights

If you’re Velocity Gold, you will get unlimited access to Economy X seating, where space is available, until March 28 2021. Up to 9 people included in the eligible Gold member’s booking will be able to enjoy Economy X seating. This benefit is standard for Platinum and unlocked for Gold after just 3 flights with Virgin Australia.

Free Business Class Upgrades After 3 Flights

This one is definitely a tempting proposition for Platinum frequent flyers (even if noodles are on offer, business class seats are still much more comfortable!).

After just 3 Virgin Australia flights, Platinum members will be able to use their complimentary Platinum upgrades (every Platinum member has 4 each year) on ANY paid fare type with Virgin Australia. Usually, Platinum members can only use their upgrade vouchers on the most expensive fare types. Under the promo offer, you will be able to use the upgrade vouchers even on the cheapest sales fares available. Keep in mind that there needs to be upgrade availability; to check this, you can simply search for seats using the reward search or use a tool like ExpertFlyer to monitor and find these seats.

Qantas Status Match/Challenge

In an attempt to lure Qantas Frequent Flyers to Velocity, those with Gold or higher status will be able to enjoy a 3 month Velocity Gold trial. The discover Gold trial is also a challenge to a further 12 months of full status when you fly at least 1 eligible sector and earn at least 80 status credits in the 3 month trial period.

You can hack this by signing up to the American Express Velocity Platinum card with 100,000 bonus points and 75 status credits. Since only 1 flight is required in your trial period, you should be able to earn the missing 5 status credits with 1 single flight.

Summing Up – Velocity Status Extension And Promos

I used to be a big Virgin Australia/ Velocity fan before shit hit the literal fan. Now, I’m in 2 minds about the future of the airline and their frequent flyer program. That said, I really like the direction this is taking, and the challenges/extensions are definitely welcome news.

Will they be able to convince team Qantas to jump the fence? Probably not! Let’s be honest; there are zero reasons for a loyal Qantas Frequent Flyer to defect and take their business to Virgin Australia. Here’s what they would get: No business class lounges, too many unknowns about international partners, lack of domestic lounges and the prospect of a mid-market airline. I can only see people taking up the 3 month trial just for the sake of it and potentially use it when there are good Virgin Australia flight deals available. Apart from that, the friendly VA crew alone won’t be enough to entice Qantas Frequent Flyers to commit.


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    • Every sector counts as 1 flight. So if you have a return flight from point A to points B, that would count as 2 flights. If you have a return flight from Points A to points B but you also have a stopover in the middle; that would count as 4 flights.

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